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May 25, 2011 06:46 AM

LC Kiwi color?

Is the LC kiwi color being discontinued? If so, I better be digging under my car seats and sofa for much more change to buy some with.

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  1. It's discontinued in the stores but I was told the outlets will have it on a regular basis.

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    1. re: blondelle

      The flyer that I got earlier this month from the Le Creuset outlet says:

      "Starting in May,Le Creuset Outlet Stores will be the only place to find the complete range of first-quality Kiwi, so hurry in while supplies last and stock up on all your Kiwi favorites before they are gone."

      The May special is 20% off purchases of $125, 25% off purchase of $200 and 35% off purchases of $300.

      1. re: pamf

        With free shipping on purchases over $100. You can call any of the outlet stores, not just the one(s) in your area. And the LC employees can look on their computers and tell you where you can find a specific piece if they don't have it in their store.

        1. re: Jay F

          Thanks Jay,
          I will check the LC Signature store in Nashville. (the only LC place somewhat close to me)
          How do you get flyiers and catalogs from LC? I bought a dutch oven back in January from the LC store. Had to order it, because they didn't have it in stock, and then they shipped it to me.
          How do you get on their mailing list?

          1. re: dixiegal

            No, DG, you don't want the Signature stores. They won't be carrying the Kiwi anymore, at least not according to the mailer Pam mentions above.

            You want to contact one of the Factory (a.k.a. Outlet) Stores. Here are the phone numbers for the ones nearest to you.

            Foley (251) 943-7600
            Leeds (205) 699-7252

            Dawsonville (706) 216-7084

            SOUTH CAROLINA
            Yemassee (843) 589-6650

            As for the mailing list, I bought several pieces last year, from at least four stores, so I'm in the LC computer and get lots of mailings. When you call, ask them to send you as much catalog stuff as they can, and also to put you on their mailing list.

            You ought to be able to get some good prices on Kiwi now. I bought a 4.5 qt for $100 around Christmas ($215 new at It was second quality, because the glaze hadn't quite covered the lettering on the lid, but it never bothered me enough to want to return it.

            You might, if you want to buy two pieces, ask what they have in Indigo. I think the three colors would look smashing together.

            1. re: Jay F

              Thanks Jay, for the info.
              And I bet indigo looks wonderful with kiwi and caribbean. I don't think I have seen indigo in LC. I am guessing it is a navy blue kind of color?

              1. re: dixiegal

                Yes. They really should have called it Navy instead of Indigo, which implies a deep, dark blue-violet. There is absolutely no violet to LC's Indigo.

                Anyway, DG, let us know what you get.