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May 24, 2011 09:42 PM

How to make a THICK Thai peanut sauce?


I want to make a thick, crunchy peanut sauce -- any suggestions on how to do this? I am pretty new to cooking, but LOVE Thai peanut sauce. I have found great variation on the peanut sauce when trying different Thai restaurants in Boston, but that's why I want to try on my own... basically I want a thick, goey, and crunchy peanut sauce.

Any suggestions?


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  1. the thickness just depends on how much water you add. more PB and less water = thicker sauce. here are few recipes to play with, and you can just toss in some crushed peanuts at the end for texture...

    1. Using a non-homogenized "natural" peanut butter, like Teddy in the Boston area, can make a difference too.

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          Teddy's is a local brand and it is really good peanut butter. Based in Everett, you can find Teddy's peanut butter in any Shaw's or Stop and Shop. I use their unsalted crunchy version for Thai sauce, but my kid much prefers it when I use the creamy.

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            Thanks! I live next to Shaw's.

            Have you been to Rod Dee Thai? They have the best peanut sauce I have ever had. Any suggestions based on that preference?

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              Try this one.... taste at the end and adjust to match your preferences:


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                Too sugary, and didn't taste "spicy" like the one at Rod Dee Thai in Brookline/Cambridge. I'll add less sugar next time, but not sure how to give it that "kick" of spice (not a red pepper taste, I had plenty of that....)

                Any suggestions?

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                  Then give this one a try..... The Mae Ploy curry paste is very spicy!


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                    I made this tonight for my parents, my mom said it was "crazy good", lol. And apparently may dad ate 3/4 of it. I am going to make it for my boyfriend and myself in a few minutes. It was very very easy to make, besides the fact that I had to run "all the way" (2 miles) to the store for "natural" (without sugar, just your basic peanuts and salt) peanut butter after getting the sweetened kind. But, no big! All the ingredients were readily found at the local Safeway. I used Thai Kitchen red curry paste. Here is a link from the same site for the marinade that I used for the chicken that went with it.

                    Oh, and it certainly came out thick. I can't speak about it tasting like Rod Dee Thai's, but it has gotten rave reviews over in my neck of the woods!

                    Good luck on finding the perfect peanut sauce. I am the same way, except my quest is for the all-time perfect homemade sweet and sour sauce. :D

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                    I can't seem to open the link to the recipes, so not sure of the ingredients lists you tried, but grated ginger &/or grated galangal will add a "spcy hot" but not chili flavored kick. The thicker skinned and older the ginger root the greater the kick.

        2. Cheat. Sure, with anything you can reduce or add in some high amount of an ingredient, but the type of thickness (sticky, smooth, etc.) is out of your control in those cases and the flavor balance can get out of control. So, just add a starch; corn starch is your basic/trustworthy thickener for most situations.

          1. I use this Malaysian satay sauce rec ipe.


            I don't add all the coconut milk at the beginning so that I can adjust the consistency as it comes together

            1. This one: is pretty involved, but it's absolutely delicious.