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May 24, 2011 08:00 PM


I was so excited tonight to get a flyer in the mail today, from Mission Wine and Spirits. I seldom go there. It just seemed that they had so many spirits in their mailer that I immediately decided to call to see if the had my favorite, hard to find, Tequila Ocho. Fully expecting to be disappointed, I was so very excited when the gentleman said that he had both Plata and Reposada '2009'. Yes!!!
I used to wait for a family member to bring it up from Costa Mesa.
If you haven't tried this tequila (for sipping, not shooting), you should. Each year comes from a different field and the tequila has a different taste. So, if you get the chance, have a tasting to compare different years.

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  1. K&L has it too, and they have the anejo as well.