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May 24, 2011 05:58 PM

Thai Tom Kha Tofu anywhere in Boston? I'm desperate!

Anyone know of anywhere in the area that serves a Tom Kha Tofu (not the Gai with chicken) that is also a fire pot and served with rice? Heck, I would even take the smaller soup serving size with tofu. I used to get this all the time in Austin TX and can't find Tom Kha Tofu at all up here! Many thanks.

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  1. you might want to check out the menu at S and I Thai in Allston; lots of CHs love it.and/or do a CH search for Thai; where fav CH spots are listed that you could pursue.

    s and i thread:

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    1. re: opinionatedchef

      Haven't been to S and I, but I checked out the menu online and I only see Tom Kha Gai as a small serving. I haven't come up with any Tom Kha Tofu in my searches. *sigh*

      1. re: elctrnc

        You might want to call/visit and ask the places with it on the menu if they can replace the gai with tofu. That's probably your best bet.

    2. Was able to order Thom Kha tofu from Chili Duck in the Back Bay. The individual soup, not a hot pot.

      1. most thai restaurants only have a small individual portion of tom kha gai

        montien on stuart street in the theatre district has tom kha gai mor fai (tom kha gai fire pot soup) on the menu. it might be worth asking them if you could order it with tao hu (tofu) instead of gai (chicken)

        you could also try my thai vegan cafe on beach street in chinatown