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May 24, 2011 05:36 PM

Kosher at LGA

If you happen to be at Terminal C [US Airways] the CIBO Express shop near the foodcourt has lots of kosher salads and sandwiches - all around $8 or $9 or less and very tasty and fresh- tuna salad, chicken salad etc. Star-K supervision. They also have some vegan thai dishes with K-
Parve designation. The salad comes in a round container and the tuna is kept in a separate container within so that if you are vegetarian you could get this and toss the tuna without fear that the tuna came in contact with the salad [which was delicious]. For some reason the kosher options are not highlighted so you have to look for it but apparently it has a green rather than blue label. Now if only the other terminals at LGuardia would have kosher options too.

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  1. Terminal D also has a Cibo with similar offerings and there is also one by the "C" gates of Terminal B.

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      For those confused, as I was, by this reference to Terminals B, C, and D, it appears that these are informal designations for the Central, US Air, and Delta terminals respectively. The Cibo at Central Terminal used to be in the food court landside, but it was too hot and the food kept spoiling, so they moved to a cart airside in the B concourse. If asher13's report above is correct, it would seem that it recently moved to the C concourse. (It's been over a year since I last flew out of LGA.)

      Cibo is also found throughout Terminal 5 (Jet Blue) at JFK, both landside and airside.

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        Yes, terminal B is the central terminal

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          I posted this on another board, also, but wanted to update. I flew Airtran yesterday from LGA, and the Cibo Express had lots of kosher food. I was there in the morning; I imagine the selection dwindles as it gets later in the day. Thanks for the initial posting; I have flown through LGA only a few times in the last couple of years, but never imagined there was kosher food available--and cholov yisrael at that.