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May 24, 2011 04:25 PM

Will travel for clam shacks

going to be in mystic area. Looking for clm shack or mom & pop seafood. also stafford springs area dining. Thanx!

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  1. go up to the Gloucester / Ipswich area of MA. That's the home of the clam shack (you said you'd travel). Farnums, Woodman's, Clam Box, etc.

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      Yeah, that' only a 5 hour round trip from the place the OP was asking for a rec.

    2. If traveling to Gloucester I prefer Farnums over the others. But if you are already in Mystic you have to try the Sea Swirl.

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        Also, in the Mystic area are Captain Scotts in New London, Abbotts in Noank and the Dock in Waterford (or is that considered Niantic?).

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          We like the Cove on route 1. NO ambiance, but the seafood is good.

          If you are willing to take a drive (30-40 minutes each way), and want a change of scenery, you could hit up one of the many clam joints in Narragansett, RI (Aunt Carries, Iggy's, George's, Champlin's).

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            Ditto Sea fried clams in Connecticut.

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              I will try the Sea Swirl. I am a clam fanatic not into much fried stuff but fish and chips also. Most of the places in Narra. use frozen fish and I usually go once in a while just to see they use it even in the summer its so easy to detect. A lot of people say Flo's is good but my one and only trip they sucked bad. Thanks for the Sea Swirl

      2. I expected great things from Abbott's, but was not blown away. On the other hand, Captain Scott's was a nice surprise. Totally full of locals on a Friday early evening, hard to find if you're not sure where you're going, and then there are the trains for kids to wave to.

        Captain Scott's
        71 Tupper Rd, Sandwich, MA 02563

        1. It's not a clam shack, but if you're a clam guy do yourself a favor and drive a half hour southwest of Mystic on 95 to Frank Pepe for a white clam pie. It's the best!

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            +1 on going down the get the clam pie.