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May 24, 2011 03:59 PM

College Students

Just curious if there are other college students out there that are into food. I can't say I've met any, but maybe thats just me. I enjoy cooking, but for one its tough, and you can't really go out to eat alone (yes, I have friends that like to go out, but they're certainly not down for sweetbreads, or escargots, or anything of that sort, as well as the prices that come along with it).

Any ideas on meeting people that share this similar interest?

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  1. Does your college paper have a food critic/ column? If not, write up something and show it to the editor. You may be surprised about the interest. Once you're published, others may want to join you for your next foray.

    1. Where are you living, in a dorm or apartment? Does it have a kitchen? I would invite your friends over to dinner and take note of anyone who shows an interest beyond simple politeness. Maybe they want to come over early and help, or they ask how you made something, etc.

      My senior year of college I had a roommate who shared my enthusiasm for, and complete ignorance of, home cooked meals. We churned out some real stinkers that year but it was the most fun I've ever had, and at the end of the year we both counted ourselves pretty decent home cooks.

      1. As someone who learned to cook in college, and currently works at one, I say yes, there are many college students out there that share your affinity for food.

        I definitely agree with the student newspaper suggestion - great idea to enhance your own interest in food but to see if there are others that share your interest.

        Also, look into starting a club on campus - either a cooking club or a restaurant club that brings like minded students together. You can probably get some start up funding from your student government, and each member can pay small dues to do some cooking or go out to eat. Invite staff and faculty as well, since they can help connect students together with this same interest.

        You could also start a Facebook page or Twitter feed at your school that revolves around your cooking interest. Who knows... maybe you'll start the next big social media site.

        Finally, if you have a culinary or hospitality program on campus you should take some classes and target students in that area.

        Good luck, and get moving on starting the interest on your campus.

        1. My girlfriend and I are both juniors in college and huge hounds! Eating our way through Dallas and Houston on a trip right now actually!

          1. There absolutely are other college students who are passionate about food! If you enjoy cooking, one great way to share and maybe inspire others to be more into food is just to host picnics, dinner parties, brunches, etc. I did that in school and it was always greatly appreciated. As someone else has suggested already, you can start a cooking club on campus too. One on my old campus formed while I was a student and was really successful in partnering with local restaurants for chef demonstrations and that kind of thing. Another club formed with the mission of educating children (particularly low-income) on food at an early age and teaching them how to cook.

            One thing that I always found hard in college was convincing friends that spending more than $10-15 on a meal was worth it!

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              There is a club, and I've tried emailing them several times to no response. I can't say I've noticed their presence on campus either.

              I totally get you on convincing people to spend on dinner! Admittedly it is expensive, but I'd rather spend my money going out to eat than on alcohol and getting into clubs.

              1. re: schoenfelderp

                Amen, I'm in the same boat, luckily, my school is paid for and all the money I make working goes toward dining and cooking

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                  Ask the Student Life dept at your school the current status of the club. They might be looking for someone like you to help resurrect it. Clubs can change membership and enthusiasm every couple of years but still wind up on the college club list. Good luck! I love your enthusiasm!