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May 24, 2011 03:46 PM

French restaurant in Georgetown

Years ago I dined at an intimate French restaurant in Georgetown that was out of the mainstream of shops and restaurants. My recollection is that it was near one of the bridges to Arlington. Does this ring a bell with anyone. If not this one, then any other romantic spots in Georgetown or vicinity. I have a friend who will be proposing and wanted to give him a solid recommendation.

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  1. Could it have been Cafe La Ruche? It fits your description of being out of the mainstream and sort of near Key Bridge, and it's been a Washington institution since 1979.

    Coincidentally, I had dinner there tonight, and was delighted by the meal. They serve traditional bistro dishes--I had a spicy merguez appetizer, followed by poulet cordon bleu, with a mousse au chocolat dessert. Everything was perfectly done, and it <b>felt</b> like I was back in Paris.

    Cafe La Ruche
    1039 31st St NW, Washington, DC 20007

    1. bistrot lepic is in upper g-town… so… not near the bridge. la ruche is tucked away on a side street near the c & o.

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        Yeah, it may not be what the person is referencing, but it's definitely what I'd recommend!

      2. La Ruche is pretty bad. I had a coq au vin with no wine in it. It was similar to a chicken fricassee you might get at a Salvadoran restaurant. If the patés are house made, then they should consider foreclosure. The pastries are big, but too sweet.

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          in my humble opinion, la ruche has never been all that -- even when it was "abuzz" in the early '80s.
          <ps, steve, i can hear you groaning at that bad pun. ;-)>

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            Ah, it took me a few moments to get it.....