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May 24, 2011 12:42 PM

Luzern restaurant

I will be in Luzern this July for 2 nights and I'm having trouble deciding between a few restaurants. Here they are...

The Old Swiss House
Wirtshaus Galliker
Wirtshaus Taube
Restaurant Schiff
Zunfthausrestaurant Pfistern

Any recommendations on which 2 of these you'd go to would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Hey Larush--which ones did you pick? How were they? Not much on here for Luzern, so I would love any feed back. Thanks!

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      Went to Wirtshaus Taube and Zunfthausrestaurant Pfistern. Was happy with both. Had the Chogalipaschtetli at Wirtshaus Taube. Huge, tasty and different. Had the local sausages and rosti at the other place and they were tasty too. I liked the atmosphere at Wirtshaus Taube more, but the other place was nice too. Just a little confusing, as they had different dining rooms for different things.

      1. re: larush62

        Excellent! Thanks so much for the update. In general, I have found to be happy at just about any place with "wurst" or "wirst" in its name. ;-)

        Will have to make sure try the chogalipaschtetli while we are there.