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May 24, 2011 12:38 PM


Ms Tane over at the Wok Shop picked out a wonderful wok for me & sent it right over. I have got him ready to wok & roll, but I have run out of things to fix in it while waiting for the Chinese cookbooks that you all have suggested I should get as a beginner. I am curious as to what all you can cook in a wok besides Asian food. "One utensil, multi purpose" has been my motto as I try to downsize my kitchen. Please suggest some other dishes to try in that beautiful piece of equipment.

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    1. re: wattacetti

      I will look for some tempura recipes, thank you.

    2. Scrambled eggs. Basically, anything you would saute or stir fry in a skillet.

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      1. re: beetlebug

        Yes, I tried a couple of eggs this morning. Thanks

        1. I use my wok often for quick and easy pasta dishes. The wok is perfect for tossing pasta with a finished sauce. Here are a couple of examples...

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          1. re: LiveRock

            LiveRock, those are some great ideas, will have pasta tonight, thanks to you.

          2. Wok Shop in what city? What did you buy? A flat bottom?

            I'm in the market for one and have tried 3 times to find parking near Wok Shop in SF, no luck so far.

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            1. re: walker


              if you don't mind walking, parking is easy at:
              766 VALLEJO ST
              San Francisco, CA 94133165 total spaces
              Portsmouth Square Garage
              733 Kearny St
              (between Clay St & Merchant St)

              1. re: Cynsa

                I have an aversion to most parking garages AND don't want to walk the hills. (bad knees, pain) I'll get there eventually. Do you have a wok? If so, which did you get?

                1. re: walker

                  Tane Chan is wonderful and I always rely on her advice. Take a taxi to the Grant Street shop and peruse to your heart's delight. You'll require the patience of the saints to find street parking - but it is possible, if you are persistent.
                  I've pulled my old round-bottomed steel wok from storage, scoured and seasoned - it's now non-stick and ready to go. Yes, I love my wok :^) it's a work horse and all-purpose.

                2. re: Cynsa

                  this is my ol' friend - I have smaller woks but this is the ONE. not shiny-bright-like-new but it NEVER sticks.

                  1. re: Cynsa

                    Does it have handles on each side? I just love well worn kitchen stuff...has a lot of character. What size is this wok? You are lucky to have such a dandy.

                3. re: walker

                  Please forgive me if I have mislead you all. I called Ms Tane on the phone since I live in Tx & wanted her to guide me. She suggested the 14 inch flat bottom carbon steel wok with a small handle on each side. After much thought, I decided to get the one with a small handle on one side & the long wooden handle on the other side. She graciously made a quick change to my order & I am totally pleased. I also got one of the Wiki knives for 4.95, cuts like butter & is just as efficient as the more expensive ones I have had. This was also her suggestion. She says the flat bottom wok works well on gas as well as electric stoves. Be sure & get the stainless spatula that fits your size of wok. I thought the 14 inch wok would be too big, but found it is great for pushing the food around in. Would not get one smaller or bigger. If you have any more questions, please ask, I would love to help you. Great lady to talk with on the phone, wish I could meet her in person someday, I have never been to San Francisco though.

                  1. re: cstout

                    Nice report -- I was going to get 12 inch; should I really get the 14 inch? I hope she'll advise me on which spatula. Did you get a lid, too.

                    You MUST visit San Francisco. Spring and Fall, best weather. If you want a reasonable place to stay (and safe location) Grant Plaza Hotel, Grant and Pine in Chinatown. A friend had a double there with private bath, including tax: $65 per night. That's a real steal for SF. (You'd be about 3 (flat!!) blocks to her store!)

                    1. re: walker

                      Ms Tane will know the correct spatula to get for the 14 inch wok...I did not know anything & she pretty much suggested all the utensils that were listed in "Stir Frying to the Sky's Edge". She suggested the round top lid, which I got...she also knew how to pick the correct size for that too. She does not try to push anything, just tries to help you get started. After I got my stuff from her & seasoned my wok & cooked a few simple things, I called to thank her for my order & told her I bonded with my wok & she said yes, she knew I would, said she thought it was a very nice wok for me. I think so too.
                      One thing to be careful about the long handle on the wok, it can spin around & knock something over, I knocked a precious bottle of sesame oil over the first time I used the too rambuctious with moving the veggies around!!