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May 24, 2011 11:59 AM

Flanders/Brussels at Pentecost - what will be open?

I find I am in Belgium for Pentecost (June 12/13) - Does anyone know what will be open foodwise?
I can be in any of Antwerp/Bruges/Gent/Brussels on either day.

For example - are supermarkets open or are there markets? (for picnic food) Casual restaurants? Classy restaurants?
I'm at the planning stage of my trip and obviously the eating options are top priority.
(Booking on a non-religious-holiday weekend should have been top priority, but it's too late to change that now!)


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  1. On Sunday in Belgium, larger supermarkets are closed as are many restaurants in office areas (but why would anyone want to go to these areas on Sunday?)

    Many smaller shops, including traiteurs, are open however and Sunday lunch time is a very popular occasion for eating out. It might however be more fun (weather permitting) to go to a Sunday morning market. Gent has a great flower market but with oyster and wine stands, bands etc. In Brussels you could take yourself on a Sunday morning to either Boitsfort (tram 94) or Midi markets - the latter is crowded with a colurful ethnic mixture whilst the former is more comfortable bohos but you'll find good food on the stall for picnics in both places but also plenty of restaurants around.

    Monday is a bank holiday so restaurant openings should be a bit like Sunday - outside the more popular or central areas, best to check ahead but you should be ok as Belgians like to eat on holidays like this.

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      Thanks - you have put my mind at rest!