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May 24, 2011 11:49 AM

Hartford help please

I will be coming to Hartford on business in July -- never been to Hartford before. I am staying near the convention center and will not have a car.

I will have up to 4 nights do plan for -- possibly just 3 and will be with a coworker on an expense report. We can spend around $60 per day on food/bev/tip. Where would you recommend?


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    1. re: brookerme

      Thanks for the info -- I will have to look at those website and check out menus.

      Let me add -- I am interested in dinners -- usually during the day I can't get out of the convention center for lunch -- makes it nice because I save my $$ for dinner.

    2. Agree with Bookerme's choices and would add Vito's By the Park and Firebox.

      Vito's By the Park
      26 Trumbull Street, Hartford, CT 06103

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      1. re: chowmensch

        Second dthe Firebox, but you'll need a cab to get there. We've had some excellent meals there recently. Try the house Margerita -- it is made with jalapena-infused tequila and is great.

      2. For casual dining I would add Citysteam or Arch Street Tavern right across from the Convention Center garage. Jay

        Arch Street Tavern
        85 Arch St, Hartford, CT 06103

        1. If you will be around on a Friday, you have to check out On20. You may have to pay out of pocket for breakfast and lunch, but your per diem will buy you the best meal you can get in Hartford.

          1. yes i also agree on on20. its only a few blocks from the marriot. i heard very mixed reviews on vivo inside the hotel. the chef at on 20 is noel jones and he's one of the best in the state. if you have time call ahead for a tasting menu.