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May 24, 2011 11:43 AM

Thai Place (South Hadley, MA)- my new favorite Thai in the Valley!

I've recently discovered my favorite Thai restaurant in the valley. Don't let the boring name fool you:

Thai Place
480 Granby Road
South Hadley MA 01075

The curries are perfectly balanced and I love their drunken noodles. I feel like people don't really know about this place even though its not very far from Mt. Holyoke College. Service is very friendly and they have a pretty good wine list and great mixed drinks which is usually not a focus at Thai places. Highly recommended!

(Also posted this in another thread....)

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  1. Thanks for posting - I'm excited to check it out!

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    1. re: andytee

      me too. I have to be there on Monday so will check it out.