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May 24, 2011 09:43 AM

Special dinner w/specific accomodations

Hi folks,

My family looking for a great place to celebrate a birthday dinner, for only 3-4 people. The catch is that my stepfather is a large gentleman (over 400 lbs, but on his way down!) and I'd really like to find a place in which he'd feel comfortable situationally. Convenient parking, even if it's garage, is also a must. In the past, we've been to Zahav and Osteria with great success - Koo Zee Doo, for example, was much less successful.

Bibou and either Fish or Little Fish are high on my list of places I'd like to go, but the above factor is obviously exceedingly important because I want us all to have a great time! For example, I love Modo Mio, but I know he wouldn't be too happy there. Does anyone have suggestions as to a place which might be appropriate and enjoyable for all of us? Much thanks.

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  1. Bibou would be my top pick too, but it is a small space. However, there is a free public parking lot right next to it and I am thinking of the one table near the door that 2 of the chairs are back facing to the door and so have some space. I would call and speak with Charlotte, I bet she could figure out something to accomodate.

    1. I haven't been to Little Fish's new location but I would rule out both Bibou and Fish for this. Bibou is just too small, smaller than Koo Zee Doo, there is barely enough space between the tables for 2 people to slide past each other if they turn sideways. I'm sure they would make accommodations but if I was your stepfather I think I'd feel uncomfortable. Fish is not quite as small in the dining room but in order to get to the dining room you have to squeeze past the bar area. You may want to scout out Fish to see for yourself, but it's similar in size to KZD.

      Le Virtu is great and is more spacious, depending on the day of the week you can park right on the street in front (Passyunk Ave.), and if the weather is cooperative they even have nice outdoor seating. I *think* they may only have one door though, that leads through the bar into the restaurant, so you may want to call them and find out.

      Southwark is another place that has a relatively spacious dining room and also an outdoor patio. No convenient parking though, unless you can score a spot in the diagonal parking spots on Bainbridge (which is hard).

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        there is the surface lot on the north side of Bainbridge between 4th and Passyunk

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          Le Virtu is a definite possibility; I've been to Southwark and while I love it, I think the parking situation might not be ideal in this case. I had my first Ramos Gin Fizz there. :)

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            The new Little Fish is definitely too small, too. For BYOB, I was at 943 in the Italian Market recently. The food was great and the dining room was refreshingly spacious with lots of room between tables. However, parking is more difficult though street spots are available.

            Southwark is great but you do need to walk through the bar area to get to the dining room. It's not super wide and if it's crowded there may be a squeeze. After that, though, it would fine.

            As mentioned there is a surface lot on the same block as Southwark and there is also one across the street on Bainbridge so I don't think that would be a problem.

          2. As far as I can tell (I live a few doors down) Little Fish might not have their AC working yet - Salt & Pepper never had at all in that space. Small space, hot kitchen & no AC doesn't sound like a nice time for your stepfather. (I thought I saw them installing one a few weeks ago but I may be wrong, either way, they've ahd the door open with a fan blowing in recently.)

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              Yup, that would definitely be a deal-breaker for him. Thanks for the heads up!

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                Nevermind, they have a fancy new air conditioner that looks to be working as of last night.

            2. Consider Capital Grille. Nice, big comfortable chairs, lovely ambience, delicious food.
              If you can get there early, they have a great prix-fixe for $39.00. You can see the menu online.
              Another comfortable place is Prime Rib.
              The steakhouses tend to have comfort, and they all have fish and poultry on the menu.
              Bibou and either Fish restaurant would not be suitable for him.

              1. Given the situation as it is, another possibility I've been considering is Sunday brunch at Lacroix. Not a bad back-up option, I hear...

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                  It's good, but there's a lot of moving around to get your food. Cold food and raw bar are in the dining room, but the hot food is in the kitchen. You walk through the server station to get to the kitchen. Between service and guests, it's a lot of people moving around. You might try them for dinner, though, they were doing a pre-fixe during the week that was reasonably price.

                  1. re: urbanfabric

                    If you still want to do an upscale brunch, the Swan Lounge in The Four Seasons might be better for you. It starts out as buffet but you then order your main from a menu. Not as much moving around as LaCroix.

                  2. re: malkazanie

                    Sunday brunch at Lacroix is fabulous, if the large gentleman doesn't mind moving around.
                    He could be seated at the outside of the table so that he can get in and out easily.
                    It is very special, but it is all buffet.
                    Dinner at any of the hotels would also be comfortable. I had mentioned Capital Grille and Prime Rib, but Palm is similar - big, large chairs, and they all have excellent service.

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                      It's looking like we'll be doing Lacroix brunch on July 3rd; I've explained the situation and we've gotten a thumbs-up. I really appreciate everyone's input - and I can't wait to try it!