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May 24, 2011 09:22 AM

Mustard all around-What is your favorite type or do you make your own.

My husband is a mustard fanatic. Luckily we live in the city that is the top dry mustard producer in the world dating back to 1867. We even have a Mustardfest! You name it we got it. I picked up their mustard cookbook which is fantastic. Not only does it have recipes for using mustard it has recipes for making your own. My favorite is "Honeycup" which is very sharp but sweet at the same time. Great on sausages, burgers, and, steak sandwiches. Bonus is that it is only 5mg of sodium/tsp. My husband's favorite is "The Devils Mustard" which as the name implies is very HOT! He also loves traditional ball park yellow mustard with his bangers. Making mustard is very simple and quick so you can whip up a small batch to suit whatever recipe your making. Also, by making your own you are eliminating all or a lot of the sodium. What's your favorite?

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  1. Favorite is Coleman's dry mustard mixed with white wine. Next comes the spicy brown deli mustards. Yellow mustard is too vinegary and bland for my taste.

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      I like colemans dry as well....there arent too many options widely available.....i also like the colemans jarred stuff that also comes in spicy.......Hot dogs and mcdonals cheeseburgers are the only place that deserves yellow mustard for me. Yellow mustard is an inferior product thus deserving the commensurate respect by putting it on those two foods.

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        only thing I put yellow mustard on is scrambled egg sandwiches (it's my grandma's fault) and Cuban sandwiches (because it's the law. You HAVE to put yellow mustard on Cubans)

        for everything else, it's a locally-produced grainy mustard or Edmund Fallot in any flavor (but especially the pain d'epice...gingerbread!)

    2. Kosciuszko Spicy Brown mustard. I also like the very spicy mustard you get in the little bowls at Chinese restaurants.

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        +1 for Koszc....Kushus...Oh, you know what I mean.

      2. Zatarain's Creole Mustard is the favorite at our house.

        1. I buy this Provencal mustard from a specialty shop in Berkeley:

          au vinaigre
          30210 Saint Hilaire D' Ozilhan

          Once you've tasted it, you can never go back to any other mustard. In fact, it's so delicious, that most of it gets consumed by me eating some straight out of the jar.

          1. I make mustard (grainy) with cranberries for Thanksgiving. Makes a turkey sandwich better.