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May 24, 2011 09:17 AM

Paella in Barceloneta

I'd like to have Paella for Sunday lunch in Barceloneta. However, I'd really like to avoid the touristy places with pre-made paella. Any suggestions for places to hit? I can make a reservation, if need be. (I'll be there in early June, if that makes a difference.) Thanks in advance.

Or, if there's a better place within city limits to have paella, let me know that as well. But it seems from all I've read that paella for sunday lunch in Barceloneta is one of those things I must experience.

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  1. Of all the questions on eating out in Barcelona, where to eat on a sunday night and where to have paella are probably the two most popular. There is a wealth of knowledge available to you by using the search function.

    1. Sass,

      I like Kaiku, which is a small, family-run restaurant facing the water. They open only for lunch and if you go on Sunday, you must call for a reservation.

      1. Looks like my best bets are La Mar Salada or Kaiku. Thanks. And yes, SH, I'm quite familiar with the search function but somehow missed that 4/29 thread.