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May 24, 2011 06:26 AM

Palmyra Bistro in South Asheville

Has anyone tried Palmyra Bistro <> on Hendersonville Road in Skyland NC (South Asheville)? From their website, the menu looks pretty good.


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  1. when I saw the title, I was hoping YOU had tried it and could report back. :)

    It always worries me when a place tries to do too many their case, "Italian, Greek, and Middle Eastern".

    Only feedback I've heard is from one couple (friends of a friend). I don't know them well, but they seem to have decent taste in food - I met them when several of us ate at Curate. Anyway, they said Palmyra was actually pretty good, although they said they stick to the middle eastern choices since the owner is middle eastern.

    1. I give it a big thumbs up, albeit based on limited exposure. I'm a relo from Michigan, where you can't swing a dead cat without hitting a damned good middle eastern restaurant, and I've been missing the grub desperately since moving here. Now there's Palmyra! My husband works out in that neck of the woods and loves to grab lunch there when he gets a chance, Sometimes I get lucky and he brings home some leftover hummus. I had dinner there with him once--got the lamb kofta and chicken Shawarma. Everything was good, but the Shawarma and the hummus, in particular, were the best that I've found around here.

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        Thanks Scirocco and dingey! I love middle eastern food and didn't even know about the bistro until I looked at the restaurant section in the "Blue Ridge Yellow Pages" or whatever it's called. I am thrilled they had an ad and menu! Hopefully this week next week I'll be able to try them for lunch.

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          Yesterday, my husband and I finally tried Palmyra Bistro. It was very good. I had the falafel sandwich, which I'd say is the best in the area. The tahina sauce was especially delicious. We're from the SF Bay Area and judge falafel by the Falafel Drive-In, in San Jose, CA. That still is the best we've ever had.
          My husband had the lamb gyros platter. He said it was good, but the tzatziki sauce was lacking. I tried it and agreed. We think it needed garlic or more of it (at least for our taste).
          Overall, everything was very good and we definitely will go back and try other items.

      2. I'm a spoiled middle eastern food fan from the Detroit area-Palmyra was OK- I wish they had the same wide selection that I was accustomed to. I will try them again.

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          Well,'s no LaShish! ;) I'll keep trying 'em though.