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Help me use up my raspberries

My husband came home with a crate of raspberries, and they will not last much longer. I don't make jam, so I am looking for some interesting recipes for baking with raspberries. No muffins, since I am the only one who will eat them, and it should be something that uses a LOT of raspberries!

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  1. Cranachan
    Summer Berry Pudding (Just use more raspberries than anything else)

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      I didn't know "Cranachan" so I looked it up --wow

      a dessert made of oatmeal, malt whiskey, cream, raspberries and Scottish heather honey!

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        To be honest, I prefer it without the whiskey, but I am not a huge fan of liquor in desserts. For me, the liquor has to be a very light touch.

    2. I cook raspberries with sugar to taste just until the raspberries begin to break down slightly, cool, add a hint of lemon juice, run through a food mill to get rid of the seeds, and freeze it. I usually freeze it in one of those squeeze-top containers (like for ketchup) that allows me to either decorate a plate or squeeze it out over cakes or ice cream. It freezes and thaws beautifully and is great to have on hand for all sorts of uses--especially in the winter months when that taste of fresh raspberry is such a treat.

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        Use the sauce JoanN describes, but as a syrup for pancakes or crepes and add whipped cream of course on top (fill crepes with lightly cooked and sweetened peaches or apples and top with the raspberry sauce). You are so lucky, but I know they go bad quickly. Good luck.

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            I'm probably doing this today. The raspberries are going fast!

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              Just fyi, I sometimes add a touch of Chambord to the sauce, but usually not until just before I serve it since I have a few friends who don't drink alcohol and wouldn't want it in the entire batch.

              You're going to love having it on hand. So many uses.

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              I second this idea! I do basically the same thing, although sometimes I add a touch of red wine to the sauce. It's a great topping for panna cotta, one of my favorite desserts which is also really easy to make.

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                this is a perfect idea. the puree can be used for many things - dessert sauce, sorbet, granita, folded into whipped cream for a fool or trifle, or frozen into ice cube trays to drop into iced tea or lemonade or mojitos...

              2. I know you said you don't do jam, but my jam book has a recipe for raspberry-rosewater syrup that you might like. You wouldn't have to do the actual "canning" part of it - just make the syrup and keep in the frig. The recipe calls for boiling 2 lbs raspberries, 2 c. sugar, and 3 tbs lemon juice for 15 min. Strain out the seeds and put back in the pot and bring to a boil again. Add rosewater to taste (3-4 tbs or so). When the syrup is viscous but still runny, it's done. (If you want to see the actual recipe, it's from "Tart & Sweet" by Kelly Geary and Jessie Knadler).

                1. how about a raw raspberry crisp?

                  for something savoury, you could make a bean dish and top with a spicy raspberry sauce

                  1. It'll be months before we see raspberries. On the rare occasions when we're got too many from the "pick your own", they either get pureed down into a sauce for the freezer or are simply frozen as berries (you need to open freeze them before bagging otherwise they turn to mush.)

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                      Definitely agree with freezing them. We use lots to make smoothies (couple of small containers of vanilla yogurt, a banana, a tblsp of peanut butter, several cups of raspberries).

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                        They're a bit too soft to freeze. It will be mush!

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                          that would be perfect for smoothies, then. Also, you could make the raspberry sauce for peach melbas.

                    2. I recall a Sugared Raspberry reciept in the lovely book that Edna Lewis and Scott Peacock did in her waning years. I don't have the book anymore, but the method was very easy and sort of uncooked preserve that she remembered from her girlhood.

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                        In "The Taste of Country Cooking" she writes:
                        "We would mix the berries with equal amounts of sugar and place them in glass bottles. ...cork the necks with a piece of cotton...pour melted wax over the tops...keep the filled bottles in an opening in the ground under a board in the kitchen floor..."
                        She says these were black raspberries, used because they stayed firm. Brought out for special occasions like hog-butchering day. She says she never forgot the "exotic" flavor.

                      2. I get lots of raspberries from our bushes and every year I fill a jar with them. Then cover them with some sugar and a bottle of raspberry liqueur and let rhem stand in the fridge. At Thanksgiving we put the raspberries and a little of the syrup into Champagne

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                          Oooh, raspberries and champagne sounds terrific. I bet the raspberry-rosewater syrup (the one I posted above) would do well with this too. Thanks for the idea.

                        2. Try this 'ice cream': Stew 1/4lb redcurrants with a little sugar and water until soft. Puree with 3/4lb raspberries and strain out pips. Beat 1/4lb cream cheese with 1/2 pt milk until smooth and then fold in the fruit. Freeze, stirring a few times until frozen (or use an ice cream machine).

                          1. This won't take care of all your raspberries, but they're really great in color and flavor mixed with sliced peaches in a pie. Add a bit of cinnamon and minced candied ginger and it's very tasty.

                            1. Raspberry and rose sorbet like the one at Berthillon.

                              1. 2 from Lee Bailey's "Good Parties"

                                Raspberry Vinegar

                                Pour apple cider vinegar over raspberries to cover, cover the glass jar tightly. Put it where sun will hit it/heat it for 8 days. Pour off through cheesecloth, discard berries.

                                Raspberry Syrup

                                1 pint clean berries

                                1 1/2 cups sugar

                                2 teaspoons fresh lemon juice

                                Cook berries in a little enameled pan with the sugar. (After it gets bubbly, cook for 10 minutes, stirring once in a while.) Then stir in lemon juice, let cool 5- 10 minutes, put through sieve. Discard what's left--the seeds, mostly. Store in fridge, covered tightly. Very much the same as JoanN posted above.

                                1. Luck you to have a bounty of raspberries! I've made this mixed berry bundt cake many times, often with a single berry I've had on hand and always with a regular bundt pan and Chambord for the fruit liqueur. All raspberry would be delicious!

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                                  1. Russian Gratin. Smitten Kitchen had a great recipe.

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                                      Wow -- I didn't know what "Russian Gratin" could be, so I looked it up
                                      Sure looks worthwhile and worth raspberries!

                                    2. It's not baking, but raspberry lemonade will use up a lot of raspberries and it kind of helps if they are a little mooshy. Just push about a cup of berries through a sieve into a pitcher of homemade lemonade and stir it up.

                                      1. Make raspberry pies and then freeze them. I would love to be the recipient of a raspberry pie when someone says, "what can I bring?"

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                                          Sign me up on that list too, favorite pie.

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                                            Linn's pie place in Cambria, CA has a raspberry-rhubarb pie that is astonishingly good. I've always loved strawberry-rhubarb, but with raspberries it's even better. And we're going back up there in July, when ALL the berries will be ripe! Yum!

                                        2. How about a raspberry clafouti? Just sub the raspberries for the traditional cherries. Martha Stewart has a raspberry baked custard recipe (reads like a clafouti recipe) on her site that's very very good - and easy, too!

                                          1. I'm sure it's too late now, but a simple raspberry tart is good too. Bake a pate sucre in whatever shape/size pan, cool, spread on rasp. preserves, and decorate with rows and rows of fresh berries.

                                            1. VODKA !!!

                                              I'm sure I'm too late as well - but Raspberry vodka is simply the best. Just put them in a jar/glass container - cover with Vodka - let sit for a week or two. The vodka will pull almost all the color out of the raspberries (they are almost white at the end) - but the vodka is red and delicious. Makes the BEST cocktails - mix with some lemonade . . . hmmmm.

                                              1. This berry crisp with a pistachio topping would be lovely with raspberries. Guests go wild for this. I go wild for this, too.


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                                                  That sounds beyond delicious. Would be gorgeous too. I would love a dish of this with some cold thick pouring cream right this instant.

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                                                    I made the crisp last night with blueberries, mango, and the rhubarb. DIVINE. My companion noted this dessert as the high point of the day. Served with vanilla ice cream and I may go with the "cold thick pouring cream" tonight. Mmmm. There is something about the pistachio in the topping, too.... sliding the spoon into this dish to serve is wildly sensual. So watch out! Lol!

                                                  2. make a raspberry coulis and add Chambord to it. Serve with Chocolate Orbit cake. A flourless cake which is rich and fudgy.

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                                                      Yum. Forget the berries, now I want me some chocolate orbit cake!
                                                      Candy do you have a recipe you could share? Thanks

                                                    2. Next time you have a crate or raspberries you can try freezing them. I wash the berries and put them on a large cookie sheet. Pop this into the freezer and in about 40 minutes the berries will be frozen. Transfer to a plastic bag. You can do this for all types of berries. It is great to have them all year round. You could also make a raspberry coulis. Zap the berries in a blender, put through a sieve, keep liquid and add sugar to it to taste and same lemon juice. Voila it is ready to put over ice cream, cakes, incorporate into crumbles etc.