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May 24, 2011 06:12 AM

Savory Cheesecake Recipes for Small Groups

I have about six savory cheesecake recipes -- Smoked Salmon, Chipotle, etc -- each of which produces a large cheesecake serving between 12 and 16. I'm bringing the appetizer course to a Memorial Day cookout for four only. I'd like to bring a savory cheesecake but I have no experience in halving any of my recipes. Does anyone have experience with a delicious savory cheesecake that serves no more than 8?

The recipe does not have to produce the classic round cheesecake. I have a tasty version with sun-dried tomatoes that is prepared in a rectangular pan and get served in squares.


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  1. I wouldn't hesitate just to halve the recipes you have - they should work with no problems. Alternatively, this Delia one is good (obviously you don't need to do the pears too)

    or this one with fresh herbs

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      Thanks! Both of these look really appealing. I'll have to do a bit of converting since I cook with American measures, but I'm confident I can deal with this.

    2. Indy 67

      If you have the same sun-dried tomato cheesecake recipe that I have from an old Bon Apetite, it can be halved. I have never made the full version. I use an 8 X 8 pan. If the crust looks like it might be too thick, omit some of the crumbs. And as flashria says, cut any recipe in half, get as close to a half volume pan alternative as you can, and just watch the baking time. I have a 7" springform pan that works great as a half recipe for a 9" or 10" recipe. If you have too much filling, bake the leftovers in Pyrex ramekins for a cook's treat.

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        We're probably talking about the same recipe (Bon Appetit, December '91) so your experience and success are reassuring! Thanks!