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May 24, 2011 04:13 AM

SD26: Another evening in Uovo heaven

I'm still amazed that SD26 is our "neighborhood" restaurant. I had yet another wonderful dinner last week with my husband and daughter. Although some of the new menu appetizers were enticing, my daughter and I could not pass up our favorite uovo. It seems a little expensive for one ravioli but once you have experienced this pillow of heaven, I'm sure you would agree that it is totally worth it. Delicate round pasta pocket filled with creamy ricotta cheese (and wait for it) an egg yolk which is perfectly cooked so at the first cut it oozes out to mix with the butter and truffle creating a rich delicious sauce. While we waited for our entrees, the activity of Chef Matteo and his staff in the open kitchen kept me entertained. My saddle of rabbit did not disappoint. The best part of the rabbit infused with herbs, tender and succulent. There wasn't much sharing going on at our table, but I managed a taste of my husband's whole wheat fettucine with lamb ragu and my daughter's veal fillet with pancetta cream and cippolini onions. Now I know what to order on our next visit. The evening wouldn't have been complete without a sweet sampling of desserts and a visit from both Marisa & Tony May. Thanks SD26 for being our little piece of heaven in the Flatiron District!

19 East 26th Street, New York, NY 10010

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  1. We are also not far from SD26 and though we have not been there in a quite a while, we've always enjoyed the food there, including that classic uovo. I agree that it is heavenly.

    SD26's Uovo:

    Maialino, which is also close to us and which we've been to much more than SD26, also serves the classic Raviolo al Uovo. Though somewhat different, it's also excellent.

    Maialino's Uovo:

    ETA: I see that this is your first post on Chowhound, mouse0950. Welcome!

    1. This one has been on my list for a while - after your description, I need to move it up to the top!

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        SD26 does not get a lot of mention on this board, but I have been very happy with my dinners there, and agree that the uovo is exceptional. I also love their guinea fowl, Dover sole and veal cheeks.

      2. As noted, SD 26 doesnt receive much comment on this Boardand we wanted to give a brief summary after an excellent meal the other night.

        Four of us had diiner and every dish was very food or better. Of note their grilled octopus on a bed of fava bean preee (I think) was excellent. Not dried out, great flavor. The Uovo ravioli was, as expected, very good. The pastas, however, were the stand outs. A whole wheat linguini with spinach, zuchini flowers and pink shrimp was fabulous. I thought as good as one of the seafood pastas at Marea certainly, and less expensive. Likewise, the linguini with bottarga was excellent. Other pastas coming out of the very nicely done open kitchen looked fabulous, particularly as i stood at the kitchen watching the chefs off and on and talking to various chefs and waiters. Service wasvery good, friendly, on the ball. Very good bread selections. Good wine list, with the famous I pad to use to peruse the menu. We certainly will return.