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May 24, 2011 03:18 AM

Easy dining in Tonalá

We'll be staying in Tonalá, Jalisco prior to a flight next morning from Guadalajara Airport. Our hotel will be La Casa de Las Palomas.

We are interested in easily to get to (no cabs) places for an afternoon meal, in the Moderate price range (say, under $200 pesos pp or less.).

We have already been told about El Boquinete and Rincón del Sol, both close by. Does anyone have comments on either of those two restaurants or can you suggest any nearby?

For that meal, we are less interested in adventurous dining as we'll be flying the next morning.

On our return, we may have more time and could be open to a more "authentic" or "traditional" meal. Or, we might just want a pizza!

(By the way, we live near Pátzcuaro, Michoacán, so we can get plenty of traditional cooking here when we wish.)

Gracias en antemano.


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  1. Anónimo, I have been to Tonalá a million times and have yet to find a place where it's worth eating. If you find someplace, let us all know.


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    1. re: cristina

      Cristina, I certainly will report back if we find something good. Maybe even if we don't.

    2. I´m terrible with names, but if Rincon del Sol is the place just up the street from your hotel, they specialize in Chiles en Nogada. The 1st time I had them, they were wonderful, the next time, not so much. I think it depends on how freshly made they are. Also in Tonala, I once had some roasted rabbit that was delicious, crispy outside, juicy and tender inside. All I remember is that it was a small family restaurant near the main plaza. Could it be El Boquinete? There were some molcajetes on the menu, among other things.

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      1. re: MazDee

        Gracias, Dee. Those sound fine. We just need a good meal that need not be a gastronomic revelation.
        I dislike chiles en nogada but my wife and I both love grilled rabbit.

        Again, thanks.


        1. re: Anonimo

          We ate at El Rincón del Sol, and it exceeded our expectations. We were presented with three distinct salsas and a basket of thin, crisp totopos. I enjoyed a Margarita on the rocks, straight up, while my wife had a Cerveza Bohemia.

          We wisely passed up the appetizers, as she ordered a filet steak cooked with garlic and sweet bell pepper, accompanied by nopales, frijoles and avocado. I had a Molcajete de Pollo, which may or may not be "traditional" or "authentic", but nevertheless was very enjoyable.

          Only the flan was forgettable.
          Even the musical entertainment was pleasant (something I rarely enjoy while dining.)

          Sometimes, it's just better to relax and enjoy ones' self and not harbor preconceptions.

          The price was right, too: $347 pesos before tip. That included three beers and a Margarita, flan and a coffee.