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May 23, 2011 10:41 PM

Grand Trunk Pub in Detroit...any word on the food?

Hey folks. I have zero interest in what appears to be an extensive beer list they have there (I've never enjoyed beer...don't see that changing anytime soon), but I get downtown several times during the summer for Tigers games and whatnot, and I'm curious about the food they serve, as to whether it's any good, or not.

All opinions welcome, good or bad. If you happen to know that their entire menu sucks *except* for one or two things that they do exceptionally well, I'd love to know that. If it's just average bar food, I'd love to know that. Anything, everything.


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  1. This is the old Foran's right? Well, when it was Foran's I ate there once, nothing spectacular, maybe slightly above average pub grub. I am curious to hear what it is like now, because I do appreciate the large selection of Michigan brews :)

    1. Best known for their cheese plate and tongue sandwiches... I think... not sure. Another site confirms it's Foran's.

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        It's Foran's Grand Trunk Pub. I think you're thinking of somewhere else goatgolfer because I don't recall any cheese plates or tongue sandwiches that I've ever seen on the menu. For the most part its a little better than normal bar food. They try to use as much local stuff as possible and they also have pretty solid brunches. They're most known for their beer selection though. Everything I've eaten there I've enjoyed, it just hasn't been earth shattering. Pretty good guacamole and my vegetarian friends love their Veggie Riot Sandwich. Also you should try the sandwich place that's connected next door and the wine bar/store upstairs. All are above average in my book.

      2. The original comment has been removed