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Popular Southern Hot Sauces

We visited our grandson, a grad student at North Carolina State. He's a Carolina barbecue convert (we prefer KC or Memphis but that's another subject). Anyway, he lamented that he couldn't get any southern hot sauces at his market. I would like to send him some but the only one I can remember (from New Orleans) is Crystal. It was on almost every table in NOLA. Can anyone suggest any other popular southern hot sauces besides Crystal and Tobasco?
Thank you

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  1. A popular one in North Carolina is Texas Pete, but if he's at NC State I imagine he can get some...

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      Yes. He can get Texas Pete in NC. It is a NC product - not a Texas product even if the name does say Texas.

    2. there are a couple of hot sauce websites that offer enormous selections - how about getting him a gift certificate to one of them so he can choose whatever he wants?


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        AVOID HOTSAUCEWORLD.COM!!! Just a warning: I just had to file a complaint with the bank for HotSauceWorld.com for never sending my items from over a month ago. Tried to reach constantly, their number is down, I would receive email response sporadically and lied to me numerous times about it going. I went to BBB.org and there are 9 complaints in the last year for the exact same problem.

      2. He can get Texas Pete at his local grocery store.

        1. Not sure if this counts, but would you consider Cholula to be Southern? I live in the South, and it's currently my hot sauce of choice.

          1. Cajun Chef Louisiana Hot Sauce
            Cajun Chef Sport Peppers
            Panola Cajun Hot Sauce

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            1. He's currently at NC State and can't find hot sauce? What market is he using? Crystal and Tobasco are both widely available in NC, along with Texas Pete, and many others both national, regional, and local.

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                Thats what I was thinking...I live in South Carolina and all these mentioned are avaiable at multple grocery stores...BECAUSE WE ARE IN THE SOUTH TOO
                Mostly I want to know what his preferring NC barbeque has to do with hot sauce...lol

              2. Crystal and Tobasco are my stand-bys.

                Melinda's is another favorite. Love the XXXX habanero reserve, and their habanero ketchup is the only ketchup I buy anymore.

                1. Get him some Cackalacy Spice Sauce. It is made in NC and is very popular.

                  Another good one is Louisiana Hot Sauce.

                  1. dont take this the wrong way...but how bad of eastern carolina barbeque is getting that he needs to put hot sauce on it?

                    or does he just like putting hot sauce on it?

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                      Every eastern NC cue place I've ever been to has some sort of hot sauce on the table for patrons to add if they wish -- either Texas Pete or some house-made concoction, usually.

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                        Its there to put on the sides...not the que

                    2. Is he talking about commercial hot sauce? or Carolina style vinegar BBQ sauce?

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                        Good question. If it's the BBQ sauce, I have a recipe. It's easy.

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                          All good questions. I assume that he wants it to add to his "authentic N.C. cooking pantry" or something like that. These are all good suggestions and I appreciate your replies. Sue, I would also appreciate very much your recipe for the sauce. Thanks!

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                            There is a hot NC-style bbq sauce made here in NC called Bone Suckin' Sauce (they have hot and mild, and also SC-yellow style). It's pretty good for a bottled sauce and is more vinegary then other sauces (thus the nc-style). It was once rated the best commercial bbq sauce by Food & Wine or Gourmet, I forget which. But it was bottled in Chapel Hill. Not sure if it still is.

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                              Also something you can buy just about everywhere now.

                              Its very good.

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                                Bone Suckin' is more a dumbed down Carolina sauce made for those who like gloppy sauces for the grill. It really isn't a Carolina sauce which is thin, acidic, with some sweet and heat. No commercial sauces fit the bill, it has to be homemade or at a bbq pit.

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                                  bbqsaucereviews.com gives bone suckin sauce a 5 out of 5

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                                    "Bone Suckin' is more a dumbed down Carolina sauce made for those who like gloppy sauces for the grill"

                                    Which is why I was careful not to say it was eastern or western style, but it's made in NC (or at least it used to be) and is most definitely better than most processed bbq sauces. It has a nice vinegary tang that the sicking sweet goppy ones do not. And it's not "gloppy" at all - but very thin. I'm not a bottled sauce kind of cook either, but the OP is looking for bottled sauces so homemade won't fit the bill, dude.

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                                      Have you ever had it? Its not gloppy and it has a nice piquant bite.

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                                        Scott's BBQ sauce fit's the Eastern NC sauce bill pretty well IMHO. I usually find it a Foodlion, but haven't really looked for it anywhere else.

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                                          Agreed on Scott's. It is the best bottled eastern NC sauce I have come across. I haven't seen it anywhere but at FL or Piggly Wiggly, though.

                                          I also agree that Bone Suckin' is not an NC-style sauce.

                              2. You can buy almost all of the hot sauces mentioned (Crystal, Texas Pete, cholula, melindas, Tabasco in supermarkets throughout the US.

                                1. There are a couple of Datil pepper-based hot sauces made in Florida. One is called Datil Do It Devil Drops. Wasn't too impressed with it, to be honest.