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May 23, 2011 08:22 PM

Popular Southern Hot Sauces

We visited our grandson, a grad student at North Carolina State. He's a Carolina barbecue convert (we prefer KC or Memphis but that's another subject). Anyway, he lamented that he couldn't get any southern hot sauces at his market. I would like to send him some but the only one I can remember (from New Orleans) is Crystal. It was on almost every table in NOLA. Can anyone suggest any other popular southern hot sauces besides Crystal and Tobasco?
Thank you

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  1. A popular one in North Carolina is Texas Pete, but if he's at NC State I imagine he can get some...

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    1. re: Japanecdote

      Yes. He can get Texas Pete in NC. It is a NC product - not a Texas product even if the name does say Texas.

    2. there are a couple of hot sauce websites that offer enormous selections - how about getting him a gift certificate to one of them so he can choose whatever he wants?

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        AVOID HOTSAUCEWORLD.COM!!! Just a warning: I just had to file a complaint with the bank for for never sending my items from over a month ago. Tried to reach constantly, their number is down, I would receive email response sporadically and lied to me numerous times about it going. I went to and there are 9 complaints in the last year for the exact same problem.

      2. He can get Texas Pete at his local grocery store.

        1. Not sure if this counts, but would you consider Cholula to be Southern? I live in the South, and it's currently my hot sauce of choice.

          1. Cajun Chef Louisiana Hot Sauce
            Cajun Chef Sport Peppers
            Panola Cajun Hot Sauce

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