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May 23, 2011 05:21 PM

796 ml can of pure pumkin, what to bake?

I have a 796 ml can of pure pumpkin. Don't know what to bake in order to use it all up.
I have searched for pumpkin pie recipes, but the amount I have will make 2 pies and we are not into that much pumpkin pie. So....what would you bake that would use up the entire can?

Thank's inadvance for your help chowhound's..

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  1. I would make pumpkin bread and freeze them (or muffins).

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        I haven't found the one I used, but this is promising - a thread based on a pumpkin bread recipe:

        Also did you see this thread on non pumpkin bread ideas for pumpkin?

        You can also freeze the extra pumpkin puree.

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          This is a good recipe and you can play with the amounts of sugar and oil. For example, I use one cup of white sugar and one cup of brown and less oil.

          1. re: waver

            You reduce the sugar from 3 cups to 2?

            1. re: mscoffee1

              Yup. Its really sweet as written and I think the vast amount of pumpkin makes it very forgiving. I think the accompanying reviews have a lot of tips for adjustments.

      2. You could also make a pot of soup and freeze any left overs( assuming it's not pumpkin pie filling=spiced /sweetened).saute up some onions/leeks/garlic w some smoked paprika,cumin,thyme, salt and pepper til golden. add puree and as much water/veg or chicken stock as needed to thin to soup consistency. at end add shredded kale and re-season. top w/sour cream, smoked paprika oil (stir powder into Olive oil and let sit for a bit) and chopped parsley.Can adjust any veg or seasoning as you like or have on hand

        1. On of my favs is pumpkin corn muffins, great with anything! Dinner, lunch, and breakfast! I also like pumpkin pancakes too. (used to work for IHOP and got addicted to these)

          1. Hello all, thank you for your input and suggestions. I finally decided to try the epicurious recipe, after reading the reviews it was clear that there was alot of flexibility. I too make some changes to the recipe, reduced oil added yogurt, reduced the sugar, upped the cinnamin. All in all it was alright nothing to write home. I find it's alot better toasted with butter.....
            Again, appreciate all responses.....