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May 23, 2011 03:48 PM

vinhotinto75 - please help with final 4

Hi ---
This will be our second trip to lisbon (we are also going to Madeira), and your posts have been most helpful....

We ate at lisboa a noite last time we were there, and really enjoyed husband wants to go back for the black pork, and I had great clams and a whole fish there that was great. We need one or two more dinner places, and 2 lunchs...........
I love clams and whole (not filet) fish, or duck breast
My husband loves whole fish, and pork.....
We like trendier rather than traditional places---but aren't super adventurous with our food choices in terms of weird preparations....

What do you think about:
Sea Me
Pedro E O Lobo
Sinal Vermelho

Which one is a must for dinner? any good for lunch?
Also planning to have lunch/snack in Sintra, dinner in Cascais...suggestions? Oh yeah, we LOVE wine, dessert and port!

Thanks vinhotinto75, and anyone else who wants to chime in! Kathy

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  1. @ Kazmodo

    Sorry for the delay in response, but I've been travelling the last month and haven't had reliable mobile or fixed Wifi or internet connection in the places that I've been

    In any case, if you are leaning towards "trendy and upscale" then places such as Assinatura, Largo, Clara Chiado, Tágide, Solar dos Nunes, Solar dos Presuntos, Kaetano's, Alma, Lisboa à Noite, etc. are places you will want to go.

    I definitely recommend Sinal Vermelho because when the food is on, it is one of the best unpretentious places that specializes in regional Portuguese cuisine in Lisboa. I recommend going there for lunch and dinner. They are owned/managed by the same people that run Lisboa à Noite on the same street (Rua da Gáveas).

    Tágide is also quite quaint and displays fine Luso-Franco dishes with wonderful views of Lisboa. So, I would suggest Tágide for dinner and Sinal Vermelho for lunch. I don't know when you are coming here, but make sure you touch base as Sinal Vermelho does usually close for a few weeks each summer.

    I know some people who have been to Sea Me and were not impressed. Yet, that is like anything, some people rave, are indifferent, or complain.

    As far as Sintra is concerned, I really like a place called Restaurante Regional which is not far from the train station and serves honest food with friendly service. If you wanted to more upscale in Sintra, maybe try Gspot Gastronomia.

    Now that I'm back situated in Lisboa, please feel free to let me know if you have questions.


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    1. re: vinhotinto75

      thanks for the reply! I'm glad you had some time to travel yourself!
      I think we are going to do Sinal Vermelho and Tagide.
      Any thoughts or info on Pedro E O Lobo?
      thanks again! We are heading to funchal on friday, and will be in lisbon on wednesday!