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May 23, 2011 03:29 PM

Mojito's - Columbia, SC

What a delight to find a good cuban sandwich in Columbia! Nice and moist with that perfect bread. The small resto itself has a delightfully bright, airy, colorful interior. And oh how I wish I had tried the avacado pie! Will deffinately return to try that and more! In the vista on Gervais Street near Park St. I think my bill was $10 for the sandwich and a small side of slaw, ice water.

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    1. Agreed, SweetPea. I have been there a few times for lunch and the sandwiches are very good. I thought the sides could be larger, though. The owner is very nice and apparently makes the desserts herself.

      1. This is a great dinner place too--I highly recommend the empanada plate with the beef picadillo filling--so delish. I can also recommend the mojo pork dinner (not a big sandwich person!) and the cheese torta appetizer--yum! I've also been told that the chicken, shockingly, is amazing....

        1. I agree. Very good. Perfect Cuban sandwich.