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May 23, 2011 02:41 PM

Phad Thai sauce

We made a large batch of Phad Thai about a month ago for a party and had about two cups of extra sauce left over. We had the best intentions to make another batch that week or next. Well, of course, I just found it in the fridge. Is it still good? Do I dare use it? From what I can tell it smells and looks okay...I hate to throw food out, but would rather not get my family sick either...

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  1. What are its ingredients and proportions?

    If there are significant amounts of white vinegar and fish sauce in there, and if it smells normal (one can't quite say smells "good" with raw fish sauce), then I bet it's fine, though I would make sure to use it in a cooked application.

    1. What is "pad Thai sauce" ? The only liquid is fish sauce.

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        I've used fluid mixes that involve sugar (white or palm) dissolved in various combinations of fish sauce, white vinegar, tamarind juice, and lime juice. I took that sort of thing to be what the OP was talking about.

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          That makes sense with the "large batch". With the regular size I just let sugar dissolve while stir frying, hence my confusion.

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            We had used a recipe from a previous thread on Chowhound that produced probably the best results we've ever had, so would LOVE to have another dinner with it. It was fish sauce, tamarind, lime, maybe brown sugar? I can't even remember it all...but I think we'll give it a go tomorrow night and cross our fingers! Thanks...I feel better about it already. ;-) We do what we need to do here in Montana to get good Thai food at home...

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              You might mean this recipe, which I did twice and it was great:


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                I actually think it was from some Bobby Flay show on TV? We don't get cable, but it was some Pad Thai dual or something...anyway, it was as close as we've been able to come to replicating one of our favorite meals while we lived in Seattle. I might have to give the above one a try, too! Thanks!

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                  It seems like everything in that sauce would be fine sitting bottled in the fridge for far longer than a month (I'm at the end of both my bottle of fish sauce and jar of tamarind...and they're probably eight months old!), so I'd think your sauce is just fine. If you're concerned, give it a boil-up first. But then, I once had the power go out for four days and the only thing I threw away was the milk. (And nobody died of gut-rot, either).

      2. I make my sauce based upon Nongkran Dak's recipe.

        Tamarind juice from reconstituted pulp/paste
        Palm sugar
        Fish Sauce
        (Rice vinegar if in the mood)

        Stays for months in the fridge since it is heated and cooked down to a syrup and cooled.
        Adding things like fresh green onions, chives or other perishable ingredients will turn it bad quickly tho.

        Lime juice and other fresh ingredients I add per cooked pad thai batch and not into the pre-made sauce.