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May 23, 2011 02:23 PM

Hottest restaurant right now?

I'd like to give my brother/sis in law a gift certificate to a restaurant that everyone is talkingabout right now. They love good food and are adventurous eaters. I'd love to gift them a certificate to a place that's getting a lot of buzz in terms of food. Ambiance is also a bonus. Thx!!

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  1. A new place with sigificant buzz is Philippe Restaurant + Lounge on Post Oak in the Galleria area--also great food and wine selection. A longer trek and more adventursome but worth the trek would be Bootsie's in Tomball.

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    1. re: delancey

      I'll second Philippe. Lots of buzz & IMO rightly so. Great food & good all around experience.

    2. I think Bootsies is the way to go as well!

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      1. re: twyst

        Thank you!! Any thoughts on Reef?

        1. re: Lotus7

          I JUST moved to austin last week and lived literally three blocks from reef when I lived in Houston. I do not find it very impressive at all. Its pretty good but it would not be my recommendation for a "special" night out, I put it on about the same tier as Ibiza (same neighborhood). Pretty good food and places I enjoy eating, but neither is a blow your socks off type place.

          1. re: twyst

            I concur with twyst's comments. Reef was new and special about about 5 years ago and still offers good food and value in a nice setting but not the buzz you're looking for--it's oh so yesterday in that context.

            1. re: delancey

              Completely agree w/ twyst & delancey on Reef. Good in a nice setting but nothing to write home about.

              +3 for Phiippe.

              1. re: Blancmange

                How about Feast? Seems like a lot of folks are talking about that.

      2. Two best places I have been to in the past 6 months are Haven and Stella Sola. Stella Sola is really, really good.

        Attached is a recent review with slide show.

        Stella Sola
        1001 Studewood, Houston, TX 77008

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        1. re: bhoward

          I went with Phillipe- thx so much for the suggestions!

          1. re: Lotus7

            You should now be known as your brother's favorite sibling! :-). I'm sure they'll love it.

        2. Zelko Bistro - features Chef Jamie Zelko's AWESOME New American Comfort Food

          Boada - Chef Arturo Boada's new venture... haven't been yet myself, but there has been lots of buzz about his recent split with longtime business partner Bill Sadler and Arturo may feel like he has something to prove... so the food will likely be amaze-balls.

          Julia's Bistro - Modern Mexican food that wows every time.

          Julia's Bistro
          3722 Main St, Houston, TX 77002