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Soho Lychee liqueur - opinions please?

Sounds interesting, but is it worth $25?

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  1. I have had it in the airline bottles. Its very sweet and makes great lady type cocktails/martinis. Bevmo had it for a while but I have not looked recently for it. I would suggest trying it that way first. if Bevmo doesnt have it, check in asian liquor stores

    1. Depends on what you like to drink....

      I don't really like liqueurs that taste mostly like the real thing, like lychee, honey (Barenjager), because I would have just used the real thing to start with.

      1. I love the flavor of lychee, and bought some to try and develop a lychee cocktail with it. It is extremely perfumey to me, quite unpleasant and not very lychee-flavored at all. I still have a couple unopened bottles that I have no idea what to do with.

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          Ok thanks I will likely nix it, even though i found another place that has it for $17 - I would assume the same goes for the cheaper brands I see, Bols and Monin.

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            canned lyches in the asian stores are not that expensive and come in a syrup that you can use - or you can always go for fresh

            better than lychee: i like rambutan fresh, plus they look gangster when you eat them in front of people...you can get those also in a can in a simple syrup

            might try messing around with those two

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              Ditto the canned lychees. They're cheap and easy and taste way better than the Soho. Plus, you have a built-in garnish. I'd use fresh but I can't easily source them near me.

        2. I saw a mixed drink recipe that required 1/2 ounce of Lychee Liqueur and it added a nice element to the drink. This is a category of spririts that, unless you are having a big Lychee party, it is going to sit in your liquor cabinet for years.

          I made the mistake of drinking it straight after running out of everything else one weekend, and that experience ruined the taste for me.

          1. ncyank - I suspect you already have or have tried St. Germain. If not, I find it to have a lychee-like flavor. While it probably has been overused, that doesn't detract from the appeal for someone who hasn't been exposed to it. I keep it in the fridge to extend it's shelf life. I wish it came in 375ml bottles, because I tire of it a bit before I use up a whole 750ml. It also comes in 50ml nips.

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            1. Well to reply to my own post - I finally came across this while on vacation, at a decent price ($19) - gave it a try and I think it is pretty decent. It's a little sweet to drink neat, not bad if you put it in the freezer (long enough and it gets slushy) - actually makes an interesting splash in a gin and tonic. I had a lot of lychees last summer and I think this has a pretty authentic taste.

              My girl and I went through about half the bottle, but I got another before leaving Myrtle beach and plan to experiment with it as a flavor/sweetener in some drinks - first up I think will be subbing it for triple sec in a margarita.

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                Ok using it in place of triple sec in a margarita didn't work all that well, the flavor sort of of clashed with the lime / lemon (I use both) - but when I used the lychee in place of the lemon/lime (I use Harlequin for the triple sec, which is similar to grand marnier) it turned out pretty decent.


                1 1/2 oz tequila

                3/4 oz soho lychee

                3/4 oz harlequin

                dash salt (or salt the rim

              2. Awesome cocktail...Angry Dragon: Bacardi Dragon Berry, Soho Lychee, cranberry, citrus zest

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                  Sounds absolutely 1990's and disgusting.

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                    Nice...actually it is on a menu at a fairly new upscale "fusion" type restaurant...if ya don't like it...don't drink it simple as that ;)

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                      It sounds like a terrible cosmo with bad rum instead of bad vodka

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                        Upscale fusion usually means pretentious crud, and folks who don't know a real cocktail from a mudslide or slippery nipple.

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                      "BACARDÍ Dragon Berry is a flavoured light rum that infuses strawberries and exotic dragon fruit."

                      I'm getting tired of these new infusion rums and vodkas. What ever happened to mixers made from fresh fruits?

                      My bar tender doesn't have room for them all anyway.

                    3. I have a bottle right now because I love lychee. Bought @ BevMo. My 2 favorite ways to use it is on the rocks with 1:1 of Absolut, or Stolli to lychee liqueur, or a shot added to pink grapefruit juice.

                      1. Other than a lychee martini, I have had in an 'Asian Negroni'. Requested recipe from bartender and it's ounce Gin, ounce Aperol, and ounce of Lychee liquer and Martini Rosato (not Rossi) combined. Makes a refreshing summer aperitif and especially gets you in the mood if it's before a south east asian meal

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                          That sounds pretty nasty to me. Martini Rosato is pretty bad, and add the soho lychee, and even though you have a nice gin and Aperol which is fabulous, the thought of the combination makes me want to gag.

                        2. Not worth $25. It is artificial tasting and way too sweet. So far, in my experience, I have only tasted one lychee liqueur that tasted like real, fresh lychee. Giffard is the brand, they are 4th generation and over 100 years old, with over 60 liqueurs and 65 syrups. And also it isn't too sweet. All the liqueurs by this company are excellent.