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Looking for a gem in Woodland Hills....

Any hidden gems in this neighborhood?

Looking for a casual spot to have dinner tonight. Not a chain, please...

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  1. Prior thread that should prove useful: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/778771 and we have had good dinners at Adagio (more of a "silver hair" contingent place...if that bothers you).

    22841 Ventura Blvd, Woodland Hills, CA 91364

    1. I just had lunch at a newish restaurant called Pancho Lopez. Authentic mexican food and quite delicious. It is a restaurant, but only has about 10 tables. Prices are reasonable. Free chips, salsa, and pickled veggies. Service is quite friendly. 22941 Ventura Blvd. Woodland Hills, CA 91364

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        I agree, we had dinner there a couple Saturday nights ago. The service was super friendly and the Mole was probably the best I've ever had.

      2. We like Brothers and Little Brothers sushi on Ventura. Also, I've heard good things about the indian restaurant in the Ralphs shopping center on Ventura/Topanga.

        1. Red Ginger if you think Thai food might hit the spot

          Red Ginger
          22984 Ventura Blvd, Woodland Hills, CA 91364

          1. Sushi Ichiban Kan is excellent. For traditional nigiri, the quality is excellent and, for people who prefer non-traditional sushi, they have excellent offerings.

            Sushi Ichiban Kan
            19723 Ventura Blvd, Woodland Hills, CA

            1. Thanks for all the suggestions!!

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                Where did you end up, CC? And what did you eat (more importantly)?

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                  Actually, I ended up at Sol y Luna, by the suggestion of my date. It's a good place too! I will be trying Adagio. Heard many good things!

                  Thanks again!!

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                    Beware, Adagio has the ambiance of a funeral home, circa 1950.
                    Food palatable, but unless you are in your 60s, you will feel totally out of place.

              2. We went to Adagio for a birthday celebration based on recommendations on yelp. We had a VERY disappointing experience! The experience seemed promising at the beginning when we were served free appetizers of fried potatoes and mushroom canape. It was all downhill from there. One member of our party ordered chicken picatta which came bone dry. We called over the owner who disagreed with us. He offered to bring a replacement (he wouldn't bring another chicken dish out even though that was what was requested) however his attitude was condesending. Several of us ordered a seafood pasta dish which was to include lobster, scallops and shrimp. The lobster was microscopic and the scallops were the smallest we've ever seen. Service was poor requiring us to call over wait and bus staff to refill waters.
                The restaurant was packed for a Saturday night. The only reason I can imagine people would come here is because the prices are low. For my dollar, I would prefer to go to a restaurant where the food and service are more of a priority than price.