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bodega taco and tequila bar

Anyone know any thing about this? Saw a Craigslist posting for server... opening in two weeks.

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    1. where? this board covers a lot of land

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          oh interesting - that's where I am but I haven't heard a thing about it. Will research...

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            One of the CL postings is titled "Habana + Valencia = bode$ga" Could this be a new restaurant from Michael Young of Valencia Luncheria? He used to be executive at Habana.

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              just saw that too and am very excited at the prospect!

        2. good detective work plien69 – they're hoping to open thursday 6/9.

          1. Bodega Taco Bar is open, stopped in last night for a quick taco sampling. Michael Young has done another great job. the space looked great, menu was so interesting and staff was spot on. This will be a great addition to Fairfield.

            On my very quick visit, i tried two tacos, that cam in soft corn tortillas., the first was a Panko crusted Mahi Mahi taco and the second was a Pastor taco. At $4 each they were both well filled with very tasty ingredients. Tacos were offered with two sauces, one of which was a fresh tasting salsa verde. More details on my next visit. I look forward to going back for a full meal.

            Good luck and welcome to Fairfield.

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              $4.00!!?? for one taco? you have got to be kidding. i'll think i'll eat the tacos at los gemelos in port chester, and if i am in fairfield go to one of the authentic places in black rock. or better yet go to taco tuesday at The Shack.

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                $4.00 may be high but give it try first. I would rather spend $4 and a great taco that 2 would be filing than 2.50 for a taco that wouldn't file your mouth. Los Gemelos tacos are good but someone should be able to do better. Good luck Bodega.

            2. It was well worth the price. While I love the tacos at El Charito, Tacos Mexico in Norwalk and la Michoacana in Bridgeport. Bodega is a different type of place. The flavors and ingredients are so fresh and delicious but used in a different way than a traditional tacqueiria.

              Give it a try, this place is good for Fairfields restaurant scene.

              Tacos Mexico
              82 Fort Point St, Norwalk, CT 06855

              1. Went last night at 730PM with my wife. Place was pretty packed with a handful of people waiting outside for tables. We put our name in for 2 and then waited outside. After 20 minutes or so we were left with another couple when a group of 4/5 people cleared a table and left the restaurant. Simultaneously a group of 5 people waltzed in off the street and were immediately seated at the table ahead of the other couple and us. Instead of breaking up the table for 2 couples who had already been waiting nearly a half hour?!?! Inexcusable. I thought the woman in the other party was going to start a fist fight.

                Any rate...nice space inside. Albeit t-i-n-y. Once inside we had drinks and apps pretty quickly, along with our main courses. Overpriced? Well, this is Fairfield but yeah the prices per portion size were a bit on the $$$ side for what you would expect at other places outside of Fairfield. That being said the food was good. Wife had the mushroom empanada and the Veggie and Shrimp tacos. I had the pork belly arepa as well as Al Pastor, Baja and Steak tacos. Solid all around, if unspectacular. Sauces at the table in plastic ketchup containers were OK. One verde and one mixed chili? Had a little heat...but nothing overpowering. Overall the food seemed to be lacking a bit of something to tie it all together but it was enjoyable enough, although I didn't think the quality was on par with the sister place in Norwalk.

                Between the two of us (wife had 1 tequila cocktail and I had 2 beers) the tab with tip was $70.

                Probably wouldn't rush back here but it definitely seems to be a hit in the area which lacks a quality in town Mexican restaurant.

                BTW, menu is located here->


                1. Finally made it a couple weeks ago. I thought that everything non-taco was very good. Mole enchilada and the pork belly arepa (kind of asian-y) were both great. Cocktails were nice. I thought the tacos were very lacking, especially for the price. A decent amount of filling, but heavy and not too flavorful. The double tortilla was a bit leaden as well. I much prefer the tacos at Bar Taco in Port Chester.

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                    Totally agree. Thought the tacos were pretty bland and boring. Fish taco had about 1 ounce of fish in it, not much else. Pork was mushy and tasteless. Americano was greasy. The arepa was very good. The corn flavor was okay but our piece was kind of dessicated. The short rib nachos tasted pretty good but came with the bones in the meat which was a bit strange. Didn't care much for the tight space or ambiance.