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May 23, 2011 12:55 PM

bodega taco and tequila bar

Anyone know any thing about this? Saw a Craigslist posting for server... opening in two weeks.

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    1. where? this board covers a lot of land

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        1. re: foodrink

          oh interesting - that's where I am but I haven't heard a thing about it. Will research...

          1. re: foodrink

            One of the CL postings is titled "Habana + Valencia = bode$ga" Could this be a new restaurant from Michael Young of Valencia Luncheria? He used to be executive at Habana.

            1. re: plien69

              just saw that too and am very excited at the prospect!

        2. good detective work plien69 – they're hoping to open thursday 6/9.

          1. Bodega Taco Bar is open, stopped in last night for a quick taco sampling. Michael Young has done another great job. the space looked great, menu was so interesting and staff was spot on. This will be a great addition to Fairfield.

            On my very quick visit, i tried two tacos, that cam in soft corn tortillas., the first was a Panko crusted Mahi Mahi taco and the second was a Pastor taco. At $4 each they were both well filled with very tasty ingredients. Tacos were offered with two sauces, one of which was a fresh tasting salsa verde. More details on my next visit. I look forward to going back for a full meal.

            Good luck and welcome to Fairfield.

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            1. re: greguar

              $4.00!!?? for one taco? you have got to be kidding. i'll think i'll eat the tacos at los gemelos in port chester, and if i am in fairfield go to one of the authentic places in black rock. or better yet go to taco tuesday at The Shack.

              1. re: food4mood

                $4.00 may be high but give it try first. I would rather spend $4 and a great taco that 2 would be filing than 2.50 for a taco that wouldn't file your mouth. Los Gemelos tacos are good but someone should be able to do better. Good luck Bodega.

            2. It was well worth the price. While I love the tacos at El Charito, Tacos Mexico in Norwalk and la Michoacana in Bridgeport. Bodega is a different type of place. The flavors and ingredients are so fresh and delicious but used in a different way than a traditional tacqueiria.

              Give it a try, this place is good for Fairfields restaurant scene.

              Tacos Mexico
              82 Fort Point St, Norwalk, CT 06855