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May 23, 2011 12:24 PM

Where can I get a corny dog as good as Fletchers?

It's the offseason and I'm starting to build up a craving. Most of the fast food options like Sonic really aren't that great, I suspect they're frozen whole then fried on site. Do any restaurants or more offbeat fast food places have a really good corny dog?

Bonus points for anyone who has something like the amazing new jalapeno cheese dog at last year's State Fair.

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  1. Look on their site. They go to festivals all over year round. Next one is this weekend I believe (No clue why but just the other day I had a craving for one and googled it)

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    1. re: jmorri26

      That's good to know. There's nothing like a State Fair Fletcher's Corny Dog. Thanks!

      Do you know if they are the same as what's sold at the Fair? Quite a few years ago, they tried to go "retail" with little parking lot kiosks about town. They were pretty bad leading to earned failure.

      Hopefully, they took a lesson and fixed the problem. I'll probably have to give them a try on July 4th at Southlake.

      (Check out the recipe at their website)

    2. Here is the better idea:

      Go down to Kuby's and get any sausage you like, I personally really like their weiners, but you might want a brat or a jalapeno cheese sausage which is okay too.

      Then follow this simple recipe with a few the gallon of peanut oil....prolly don't need all that.

      This will end up costing much less than a half tank of gas to get to the festival, parking for the festival, entry fee and tickets to get a Fletchers corny dog. I have personally made this recipe several times when I get the craving too or my wallet is too thin to attend the State Fair. The results have been much better in most cases especially if I use quality meats!

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      1. re: LewisvilleHounder

        If you don't mind the drive to Sherman, try the Diggy Dog at Watsonburger in Sherman (and hopefully it is still open). According to this review it is sweeter than Fletchers though,

        I do know that they make their own batter and hand dip the dogs but I have not tried one. I was through there some time back and stopped in for a hamburger and noticed the Diggy Dog on their menu and asked about it but since I was already was picking up my hamburger I did not order one as they said it takes a little time to serve as they do not batter and cook them until ordered.

        If anyone ever goes up there to try, please let me know what you think!


        1. re: RobbnTX

          My son had a baseball tournament in Sherman today, so we stopped by Watsonburger for a Diggy Dog. The batter wasn't as thick as Fletchers, but all in all, it was good. I'd still give the nod to Fletchers, but would eat another Diggy Dog if I was in the area.

          1210 Quinlan Dr, Allen, TX 75013

          1. re: planojim

            Thanks for the info, the next time I am up that way I will be sure to try one.

      2. You're kidding, right?

        1. Burger House has great corny dogs. It's a great dog, fresh, they seem hand dipped. I don't always get to the fair, but during the fair time, I go to the Burger House and get me one with a Root Beer. I agree Sonic's are lousy. Their new hot dogs are good though. Love the Chicago Dog.

          Burger House
          6248 E Mockingbird Ln, Dallas, TX 75214

          1. You can't. That's crazy talk.