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May 23, 2011 12:15 PM

Quick Weekend Atlanta Trip...Need Ideas/Review of My Ideas

Hello Everyone:

We will be in Atlanta this weekend (Memorial Day Weekend) and would love some input/further ideas!

We arrive on Saturday and are going to The Varsity for lunch...yes, I know how most people feel on this but it is a request of others in our party. What is the must-eat item here? Chili-Cheese Dogs, Onion Rings, Frosted Orange...anything else?

Saturday night we are going to the Braves game so will eat at Turner Field. Any stands at the Field that serve anything tasty?

Sunday we will be eating breakfast at the hotel (Hilton Garden Inn Downtown – where the Legal Seafood Is). We will then either go right to the CNN Center or stay near the hotel and do the Park/World of Coca Cola. So, I would like to have lunch ideas for both areas. I don’t really want to eat lunch at CNN Center but will if one of the restaurants/fast eats there is a must do. After lunch, will plan on going to the Bank of America Tower and whatever else we don’t do in the morning. Thinking of either Glady’s Knight Chicken & Waffles or Mary Mac’s Tea Room for dinner…how does everyone feel about these locations? Are either of them worth our time or are their better places to go to?

Also, any recommendations around these areas for ice cream or cupcakes would be appreciated!


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  1. Here's what I order at the Varsity: 1 dog (means chili and mustard only), a peach fried pie, and either an FO (frosted orange) or a PC (plain choc--it's milk). My stomach can't take the fries or onion rings after all that sugar. Their onion rings are the famous choice of the two. It's a fun experience, if unhealthy.
    For Sunday at CNN, Chick Fil A is closed, if you haven't ever eaten there and want to. I'd skip all the chains around there and drive to West Egg for brunch. Get up early to beat the crowds. I'd also skip the BofA tower and head to Piedmont Park instead. There's a lake, dog park, gorgeous pool with locker rooms/changing areas, playgrounds, etc. For dinner Sunday, I"d try something a little less touristy, considering your Turner Field/CNN/Varsity plans. Head over to Virginia-Highlands and walk around the shops/pubs/restaurants. Pick one that fits your mood. There's an adorable gelato place called Paolo's, along with excellent restaurants such as Osteria, La Tavola, Noche, Highland Tap, Surin, Yeah Burger, and Murphy's. All are reasonably priced and you'll get a more local experience of a vibrant, in-town, walkable neighborhood.

    Highland Tap
    1026 North Highland Ave, Atlanta, GA 30306

    1000 Virginia Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30306

    West Egg Cafe
    1168 Howell Mill Rd NW, Atlanta, GA 30318

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      Thanks for the ideas! Any input on Gladys Knight or Mary Mac's? Anything that is a must eat at Turner Field?

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        I would also suggest walking around Decatur Square as an alternative to the Highlands. I much prefer the restaurants over there (Leon's Full Service, Iberian Pig, Brickstore Pub, etc.)

        The Iberian Pig
        121 Sycamore Street, Decatur, GA 30030

    2. unless your a die hard coke fan, you may be disppointed--its very commercial,not quite Disneyworld. If you had time id go to the aquarium--its totaly amazing. I too am a Varsity fan--eat in your cars and have the car hops serve you--its a much better experience. You might consider a great southern break fast at the Silver Skillet on 14th street neat GT. At the Ball Park the best 2 foods are the brats and the BBQ--they are right behind the centerefield seats in the outfield--you can only get it at that spot

      Silver Skillet
      200 14th St NW, Atlanta, GA 30318

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        We have been to World of Coke and the Aquarium both since they were re-done and don't plan on going again this trip. I have heard a lot of good things about the Silver Skillet so, I will try to work that in. Thanks for the suggestions for Turner Field as well...we will certainly be trying them!

        Silver Skillet
        200 14th St NW, Atlanta, GA 30318

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          if you go to a Braves game, try and park in the Blue Lot--it has the best in/out logistics,unless you drive a Lexus--they have their own lot free.Get off the highway at Fulton st exit---PS theres a nice BBQ called the Bull Pen just outside the park, maybe 100 ft from home plate.They allow diners to park there--BBQ isnt great but as goos in the park and cheaper, as well as the beer.If you get there early,like 5:30 for a 7PM game, youll be able to get a seat/table and just stroll over to the park.Finding it can be tricky,so if your going re-post and ill try and tell you how to get there--or PM me

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            I was trying to get in the Green Lot (my grandfather is in wheelchair) but it looks like it is full so I will try for the Blue Lot now. Is the Bull Pen BBQ place inside or in shade at all? We are planning on getting to the stadium early. Thank You! Do you know of any site that shows all food spots in the stadium?