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May 23, 2011 11:01 AM

GRADUATION PARTY (moved from General Topics board)

I am planning on having a graduation party for my fiance and I. We are both graduating from Graduate school in July. We will have friends and family from all over the US. We are expecting around 50 people. (that is a shot in the dark)

We have decided on bbq! I do live in NC!

chopped bbq
chopped bbq chicken or maybe chicken quarters
potato salad
baked beans

(then of course chips, cake, sweet tea, etc)

I was wondering how many lbs of each of the main items will I need? (the bbq, slaw, beans, tater salad). I will be ordering the bbq from a local joint but buying the rest from costco or sam's club -it's cheaper that way!

Thanks :)

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  1. Can't help out with the quantities, but you might just want to google "cooking for a crowd" or something similar to get an idea of the amounts necessary for your party.

    And many congratulations or your advanced degrees! Accomplishments the two of you should feel proud of!

    1. Congratulation, first. Now onto the question. You'll need about 12 lbs. chopped or pulled meat, assuming that everybody will be indulging in both protiens to the tune of a quarter-lb. serving of each, which is a generous estimate. But people do tend to eat more at parties, especially celebrations like this. For the chicken, allow roughly the same if the chicken is chopped. For quarters, to serve fifty I'd buy a a total of ten chickens and quarter them out, or ask that they be prepped for the buffet as-such. And for the sides, figure 3-4 ounces per EACH item per EACH guest, so 4 ozs. potato salad, etc., multiplied by 50 and then divided by 16 comes to about 12 and a half lbs. per side. I'd scale back on that, to about 8 lbs. per side dish to avoid leftovers-from-hell syndrome. Enjoy your day.

      1. Thank you! I had been doing some math and come up with 12lbs of meat ...THOUGH I am going to be doing only 12lbs TOTAL and people can choose one or the other..or be pigs and not leave food for anyone else! We are having the pay for this entire party from our sad little pockets! haha..unless I can get the family to pitch in.

        The sides, I agree... 5-8lbs each was my guess. I am going to have cake, alchol, and snacks sitting around so once the food is gone it's gone. BETTER GET IN LINE FIRST! :)

        Thanks! :)

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          Ah, grad-school budgeting. I remember the days of wine and roses, I mean top ramen and instant coffee, very well. One thing: you are planning to serve the meat as sandwiches, right? It will make that meat go much, much further. As my son would say, "it looks like more." So buns, definitely buns. And as long as you have a limited munchy table and bar happening, the BIG MEAL will certainly suffice.

          1. re: mamachef

            YES BUNSSSS...we are def serving as sandwhiches and providing other munchies!!! The way I look at it...when the food is gone, its gone. You snooze you loose! I just want to have enough INITIALLY..if people are pigs, there is nothing I can do about it :)

            Yeah we both work full time jobs..but with BILLS..BILLS..BILLS... and all these student loans-times are tough!