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May 23, 2011 10:36 AM

Anything close to Rita's Water Ices?

I spent some time out east years ago and frequented Rita's Water Ice one summer. I am dreaming of the lemon ice right now....or their cherry. Fine ice crystals with small chunks of fresh fruit. Anyone out there who has had Rita's, knows what its like, and has found something similar in the bay area?

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  1. Flavor Brigade in Oakland. It's the real deal - their ices are probably better than Rita's, actually, and are all made in-house, using real fruit. The "2nd Street" (a "gelati" at Rita's) is a thing of beauty. And the opening-year inconsistencies mentioned in the thread linked below (esp. with the custard) seem to have been resolved...

    Flavor Brigade
    3540 Fruitvale Ave, Oakland, CA 94602

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      Thank you so much! Sounds fabulous and will be making the jaunt over to try some this week! :)

      1. re: sfcitygal

        Please report back and let us know what you think after you try it.

        It's a place that's kind of off the radar for most folks, even on Chowhound, so it's great to have current updates -- especially from someone who's had experience with Italian ices on the East Coast.

        1. re: abstractpoet

          Sorry! I'm new to posting here, I should have hit reply to sfcitygal ;P

          this place is so good! I recommend trying all the flavors! They are so friendly & offer samples if you are unsure of which flavor you want to try. Here is a few pictures below

          left to right:

          2nd street - mango & vanilla custard - owner made this

          2nd street - vanilla chocolate chip, vanilla custard in the middle & mango on the bottom! - owner made this

          2nd street - vanilla chocolate chip & vanilla custard - an employee made this =( so it looks sloppy, but still good since its layers & not mixed

          mummers mix - mint chip & vanilla custard - this is suppose to be well mixed together, but the employee did not mix it long enough, so the flavors weren't blended. it's still good to eat but not the best .. So just rememeber mummers mix has to be mixed well, to make it good. if you get what I mean.

          NOTE: I was just there this past weekend, they just made a batch of horchata flavored ice, it's so good & refreshing!!! Yyou have to try it by itself first then 2nd street style.

          1. re: rnsmelody

            Yeah, they're generous with samples, and the portion sizes are huge. I believe there's always a $0.99 daily special for water ice - he'll pick a different flavor to feature each day.

            $0.99 is a crazy deal - I mean, Scream Sorbet is great and everything (just tried it for the first time and loved it), but we're talking one-third the cost for a portion that's probably twice as big.

            Scream Sorbet
            5030 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA

            1. re: rnsmelody

              Yum! Your pictures look fabulous! Looking so forward to it. Thanks for your recs and posting your pics. rnsmelody. :)