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What to do with old apples that is easy/fast and is not applesauce???

I have seven old and somewhat shriveled Galas that I can't bear to throw away. (If one or two, I would just toss them probably)

They have been in the frige for weeks and weeks and weeks, but look to be sound.

I have plenty of applesauce on hand, so don't want to go that direction.

Do you think they would saute OK?

Yes, I could put them in a cabbage casserole or some such, but I won't be cooking this week.

THanks for all suggestions!

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  1. The sorry looking apples generally make it into oatmeal at my house (cut into cubes, added as you bring your milk / water to a boil. And don't forget the cinnamon!

    1. That sounds delicious, firedcooked. Will try that some day.

      For now, I just need to deal with this batch at once. I am not really eating meals per se at home this week. Family illness.

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        How about an apple crisp.. quick to make, keeps in the fridge for several days, can justify eating as breakfast or late night snack if its a crazy week, especially you throw some slivered almonds in the crisp mixture.

      2. Yes, cooking with the old apples is a good way to use them up.

        Your cabbage idea sounds delicious.

        Apple desserts would be good too - pie, crumble, cake... etc.

        1. I have sauteed old apples with success - there's no way to know until you try it though. Some varieties suffer more than others from age. I would make a pan of apple crisp, most likely.

          1. You can make some quick turnovers with frozen puff pastry, using either sauteed or raw apples. They travel well, or you can freeze them in their unbaked state, and bake them off as you need them.

            1. my mom always made apple and carrot salad when i was a kid. Its really good. just great apples and carrots add some lemon so they dont turn brown. U can add some nuts if u want or raisins.

              and if u want to cook with apples maybe u can try something with curry (yellow) and pork.

              super quick dessert:
              slice (and peel if u want) some apples. Add butter, sugar, cinnamon in a pan along with the apples and fry until the apples r soft. add cream if u want a caramel sacue and serve with ice cream. want crumble? just add butter sugar, oats and flour in a saucepan, stir and cook/roast until its looks/taste good :) (if u using unsalted butter u can always add a pinch of salt)
              cooking time: around 5 min.

              1. Apple Betty. Grease a baking dish. Put a little cut-up butter in the bottom and sprinkle generously with commercial bread crumbs then sugar then cinnamon then sliced apples. Then repeat. End with crumbs, sugar, cinnamon, and butter. If your apples are iffy flavor-wise you can pick up the beat with some grated orange rind and orange juice. Bake about an hour at 350". Serve warm with cream.

                1. Thanks so much, everybody, for your wonderful suggestions.

                  I might have to go buy more apples to try out all your good ideas!

                  1. Easy, if not fast: crock pot apple butter. Literally 2 minutes' prep, cooks all day. Easy peasy.

                    1. For several weeks, I was stuck on Ina Garten's apple crostata recipe. The crust is done in the food processor and is so much easier than dealing with a regular pie crust. I did find that the apples never cooked through enough for my liking when I cut them up as her recipe directed, so I nuke them in the microwave until they just start to become tender and let them cool before putting them in the crust.

                      1. Pork roast baked with apples and thym and honey-add the apples 45 min before serving, they'll soak up the roast pork juices...

                        Apple and cranberry chutnety-with curry spices (I use brown mustard seed, cumin, corriander, cloves, cardamom, red chilie), dried cranberries, brown sugar, cider vinegar...

                        Apple, cabbage, and walnut cole slaw with raisins- use a creamy or vinegar based dressing (I once tried a vinagrette with olive oil, honey, miso, cider vinegar, and a touch of walnut oil for flavor)...