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May 23, 2011 10:26 AM

"Baja Sub" Sri Lankin in Northridge?

Just learned of a "secret" Sri Lankin place disguised as a Mexican/Sub restaurant, go figure. Apparently the owner is from Sri Lanka and supposedly makes great, authentic food from his home land where he was a Chef. The place is called Baja Sub and is on Reseda just north of Parhenia on the West side of the street. We plan on giving it a try soon. Anyone been there?

We have been to Curry House on Ventura and liked it but have been told by people from Sri Lanka that Baja Sub is much better. Will report back after our first visit.

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  1. I wonder if it's the people from Priyani, which was right near there.

    1. Curry house I think has changed management and food not as good as before.

      1. Was there last Sunday and loved it.
        We had they rice and curry - delicious!!

        Also packed the kottha roti to go and that was even better..

        Plan to go back soon.

        They only do Sri Lankan on weekends, subletting from the Mexican place..

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          How does it compare to Apey Kade in Woodland Hills? I love their deviled chicken and kotha roti.

        2. This joint sounds dope.

          They carry any fish or veggie dishes ????????