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Little Thai Kitchen Scarsdale

Just heard from the owner of Little Thai Kitchen of Greenwich, Westport,NYC that he is opening the Scarsdale location on Popham Road on Wednesday May 25.

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  1. Drove by yesterday. Saw activity going on inside. Hope it opens on schedule, hope it's delicious and hope it does well.

    1. It's sooooo good in Greenwich and I hope it's just as good in Scarsdale! I have been telling everyone I know on that side of the county how terrific it is!!

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          I very much like the basil chicken dumplings although w/ full disclosure, they are far better when you eat in vs. bring home. But still tasty at home. I crazy for the Pad Thai!!! And the Mee Grob is great, too. I love the Woon Sen soup esp when I am feeling a bit under the weather. We have enjoyed the Cashew Chicken and the Ginger Chicken. The husband likes the Shaking Beef and we both like the Garlic Beef, too. We've also had the Pad See-ew and it was good, but I am a Pad Thai lover, so there's no contest there. I like the Tamarind Shrimp but I like the Basil Shrimp more. And, the last time we ate in, I know we had a non-spicy curry and I think it was the Penang b/c it was not spicy.
          I know that the menus vary slightly in each of their restaurants, but I certainly hope the quality does not. We really love LTK. Will it be dine-in, or strictly take-out?

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            The Scarsdale menu is posted on their website. It also says that they are now open. A question--why is there no pork on the menu? I know there are some Muslims in Thailand, but I was under the impression that Buddhists ate pork as well as other meat. Same holds for Tangerine Thai in Tuckahoe--no pork on the menu.

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              LTK opens at Noon today.
              Telephone number 914.472.6600

              1. re: NILIBILU

                They're having some technical problems and will try to be open for dinner tonight.

              2. re: Maryld

                They do have pork dumplings on Menu 2

        2. We ordered dinner from there tonight. I usually wait until a place has been open for a couple of weeks before trying it, but it's a 7-minute drive from my house so I just had to give it shot.

          The space is well-appointed but small, with a handful of tables.

          MRS was right about the pad thai. It is a very decent specimen, with lots of thinly-sliced chicken breast and scallions. The noodles were nice and springy. The side of lime is great to cut the peanutty sweetness of the sauce.

          We love garlic, so we had to try the garlic beef. There is no mistaking the garlic flavor of the dish, but we couldn't find any actual garlic (unless my husband stole it all before it got to me, which is very likely, despite his denial). The beef is tender and the bell peppers, carrots, onions, and snow peapods are a nice accompaniment. This was our favorite (thanks again, MRS).

          My son wanted the lemongrass chicken as a change from his usual chicken satay. He loves it.

          I really hope this place makes it. Imagine, a brand-new Asian restaurant that's pretty and at a decent price point? Who woulda thought? Thanks to all of those who spread the word.

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            Just ordered take out from here. We started out with the thai curry puffs and po pia sod. The thai curry puffs were a little too doughy and overfried but the filling was good. The po pia sod was very good. Also had the pad thai with shrimp which was decent and the jungle curry with veggies & tofu. The curry was made with fresh veggies, not greasy and very spicey as I had asked for. Will give this place another chance in the coming weeks.

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              I'm so happy to hear that it was good, and that what I have found to be worthwhile at the Greenwich location was solid at this new spot, too. I have never had the lemongrass chicken b/c The Husband seems to be mildly allergic to it, so we avoid. ( We had a Hitch-like date once at Republic in the city. Wow!) Excellent news that there is something new for you all to enjoy!!

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                I loved the Greenwich location for years and then they opened another place in Stamford just around the corner from where I used to live. Always consistently good to very good.

                Where can you park to pick up LTK food? In the train plaza? That whole bridge work is making me nuts...

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                  if you are crossing over the train tracks and going towards LTK, make a left at that light and another quick left at that intersection, and if you go straight (now towards the tracks again) there will be a nice sized parking lot. there are stairs that go directly up to where LTK is (across the street)

                  maybe this will help:


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                    Know that lot well! Last time I ever parked there (for a horrible dinner at Sakura) I returned to find 1 car stereo gone & 1 broken window....

                    I might get lucky and find something in front of the 7/11

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                      wow, never would have thought. I know that both punk kids and cops hang out in the 7/11 lot religiously, which is directly visible/accessible to that commuter lot

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                        Finally got over to LTK onThursday. The place looks very nice...modern decor..plenty of seats for a small place. Had the Cashew Vegetables for lunch. Came with white rice. I really enjoyed it. People working there I believe were Thai. Very pleasant. Found a parking space down around Depot Place near the station.

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                          I am so glad there is another Thai option in Southern Westchester. I'm so sick of overpriced mediocre Thai food in town (Siam Orchid, Reka's, etc.) Can't wait to try it!

              2. We brought in from here tonight. My husband got the yellow curry with chicken and I got pad thai with shrimp. I had a taste of the yellow curry, but it was too spicy for me. My husband really liked it, though. The pad thai was excellent! Looking forward to trying more dishes.

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                  I had delivery from them tonight. The delivery took well over an hour, but I know Scarsdale traffic is ridiculous. Food arrived pretty cold, but even so, there was nothing really interesting about the dishes. I had the fried tofu app (tao hoo tod), tofu with chili, and garlic broccoli with tofu.
                  I wish I had remembered to tell them no green peppers, which I find revolting and which were prevelant. My bad.
                  Overall, I was really underwhelmed and would not be likely to order from them again. Oh well...

                  1. re: mrsdebdav

                    In the 4 years we have lived in the suburbs, we have rarely, if ever, ordered food for delivery since it's just so much quicker to go pick it up. Even pizza. And I am not defending them, but when we stopped in at 6:00, they were pretty busy with to-go orders. When we got home, our food was still piping hot.

                    I hate green peppers too, and I always ask for them to be left out of any chinese dish so I will remember that next time we order from here.

                    It might be worth another try for takeout. Or lunch. Although small, it seemed pleasant enough to sit there.

                2. Has anyone dined in at LTK? What was that experience like?

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                  1. re: NILIBILU

                    On May 29th you reported you ate there for lunch.
                    I'm kind of curious as to why you are raising the question.
                    Just sayin...

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                      I am curious as to why you are curious!. i went there in person to see the restaurant and ordered the food to go..which was excellent. I wanted to hear from someone who actually
                      ate in as to how their experience was!

                      1. re: NILIBILU

                        Nothing in original post indicated you did take out. Moreover, you have not posted before. I'm sorry if I sounded suspicious. I just thought you might have had some interest other than straight-forward chowishness. My apologies.

                  2. Where exactly is this place? I used to live on Garth Road. Is it near that new Pizzeria and Dunkin Donuts or does it face Popham?

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                    1. Took my 12-year-old daughter there for dinner tonight. Couldn't get too adventurous with the menu because of her taste, so it was chicken satay, chicken pad thai and masamen curry beef.

                      I was amazed they were able to get several tales in the place, as the previous Rich Chinese restaurant didn't have any tale. So good for LTK to make more profitable use of the space.

                      Speaking of space, the location is quite difficult for walk-in's , so you had better LOVE the place to make through all the surrounding Scarsdale train station construction going on. Let me make this really clear -- it is definitely NOT easy to get to this place on foot and parking is either around the corner or a block away on East Parkway. I wish them a lot of luck.

                      They seem to have a decent take out business and some other tables were occupied with folks eating in. These guys are the only Thai game in Scarsdale, so if you're really fixated on that kind of food, you'll make the ridiculous way around the construction obstacles to get there.

                      I thought these basics that we ordered were pretty good, although a bit surprised to find the traditional chicken satay not served on skewers. The in-house service was a bit slow, but everybody was nice and cordial.

                      This does not come close to Full Moon in White Plains, which I think is fantastic. But for local Thai, it was fine, maybe a little even moreso. I have to try the other dishes next time, as my daughter forced me on to the basics.

                      One thing did bug me: the lunch and dinner prices were on the same menu. Assuming the portion size is the same, dinner prices get jacked up $4 - $5 each, which I thought was quite a haul. It would seem like Restaurant Ownership 101 not to put the different prices on the same menu, because there it's definitely a turn-off that you're paying way more for dinner than lunch and they're kind of rubbing it in visually.

                      Full Moon Cafe
                      38 Wells Ave, Yonkers, NY 10701

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                        If you park on Depot Place, it is pretty easy to get to LTK on foot. Walk around past CVS, really not that difficult. If you park on East Parkway, yes, it is difficult. But why park there?

                        I had take out from there last night with several of my friends so I got to sample some dishes that I had not tried before.

                        The Thai fried rice was very good, as was the Massaman curry. The chicken lettuce wraps were very tasty but the only downside was that they put the lettuce in with the chicken so the lettuce was soggy. They should wrap up the lettuce separately for takeout. And we had chicken pad thai. Previously I had the shrimp pad thai. The chicken was good, but I prefer the shrimp.