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May 23, 2011 08:53 AM

Rec Needed for Nice Cincinnati dinner with Elderly Grandparents

Hello Cincy Hounds,

I'm a native Cincinnatian coming to town this weekend for my grandparents 70th wedding anniversary. The night before their party, we'd like to take them out to a nice dinner, but my I haven't lived there for 15 years and find my local knowledge is lacking.

My considerations are that they are 88 and 93 years old and as you might imagine have a few issues.
Mobility is a concern, so handicapped parking, picking up/dropping off at front door, valet parking and few steps once inside are all concerns.
Also, something like the Precinct is out due to difficulty with chewing steaks. :)
They live on the East side of town, but traveling within the 275 loop should be ok, probably nothing outside 275 unless it's to the east.
They enjoy German/Eastern European foods.

This may sound a bit picky, but I'm trying to outfox my mother's suggestion of "Bone Fish Grill." Anything not-a-chain would be much appreciated.

Thanks - and I'm looking forward to satisfying some Skyline-Graeters-LaRosa's cravings while I'm in town. You can take the girl out of Cincy, but you can't take the Cincy out of the girl!

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  1. My suggestion; Grand Finale

    Grand Finale
    3 E Sharon Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45246

    1. While I've never been, I hear great things about Trio's in Kenwood. Also good, Barissi's in Deer Park. Both are frequented by Carl Lindner (current age about the same as your grandparents). No accessibility issues at either place. My new fave spot is the Brown Dog in Blue Ash. Easy access and the dishes we had you could cut with a damp spoon.

      1. You don't say what your budget is, but PrimaVista is a great place. Wonderful Italian food and stunning views of the river and downtown from every table. It is on the first floor of an apt building in Price Hill, so you can drop your grandparents off at the door and then park in the lot across the way.

        1. The Iron Skillet in Newtown. Lots of European dishes. Small. Locally owned. Drop 'em off at the door, park, go in and enjoy. Highly recommended.

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            I second the Iron Skillet. One caveat is that the menu is large and they don't do everything well. Stick the schnitzels and paprikashes and you'll do fine.

          2. The Frog Leg King!


            The Houston Inn
            4026 S. State Route 42
            Lebanon, Ohio 45036

            Besides frog legs, their forte' is comfort food, and the average age in the place is about 65. Accessibility should be excellent. It's well respected locally.