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May 23, 2011 08:50 AM

Ooey-gooey Homestyle Cinnamon Buns?

I am originally from Saskatoon and have been in Montreal for 4 years. In Saskatoon there where a few places that made amazing cinnamon buns but I have yet to find a place that even makes cinnamon buns here in Montreal. Anyone know a good place?

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  1. You should be able to find them in most mall food courts, I forget what they are called, St Cinammon, Cinnabon, something like that. They taste like Pilsbury frozen stuff though, they have that fake taste to them. As far as any bakeries making anything in house, I have no clue.

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      aw ok thanks, def not looking for the Cinnabon/Pilsbury type thing. I would make them at home but its just me and although I could eat a whole batch, I probably shouldn't = P

    2. Good question - I never really realized this is something that's not very common here. They have some pretty mediocre ones at the Provigo on Mt-Royal. What I would recommend instead is the "bun pommes" at Boulangerie Guillaume ( ).
      Not exactly a cinnamon bun, but similar and even better, IMO. Very rich and gooey, with apples inside and a maple-sugar-y topping. Good luck, and let us know if you find something good!

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        Olive et Gourmando's buns are amazing, but I'm not sure if they make a cinnamon bun.

        Olive et Gourmando
        351 Rue Saint-Paul Ouest, Montreal, QC , CA

      2. I've always wondered about where these are from. Montreal isn't very big on them, possibly because of our french side. Only places i know that have them are Saint-Cinnamon, Cinnabon, Costco and Ikea.

        What nationality is big on this?

        175 Blvd Rene Levesque W, Montreal, QC H2X3Y2, CA

        1. You definitely need to go to XXXXX pastry shop on Victoria just south of Sherbrooke in lower Westmount. They have exactly what you are looking for, with and without gooey maple syrup topping. I will try to get the name of the shop on my way home this evening. Right side of the street walking south.

          While you are there stop off at Hogg hardware on Sherbrooke for some real UK Toffee, wine gums, Caramints and other UK goodies.

          When I was a kid I always had to get at least 2 cans of Caramints from the Woolworth`s in Grant park maill every time my family drove in to Winnipeg.

          Did you bring any saskatoon berries with you?

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            I went last night to the bakery I mentioned, Le Fournil, 364 Victoria.

            I noticed that they also have cupcakes and the cinnamon buns did not look to have as much topping as my previous visit, so I decided to take 4 chocolate cupcakes. (only kind they had) I took one cinnamon bun. The bill came to almost 15 bucks, a bit of a shock.

            Despite not looking too juicy the bun was saturated with the maple syrup topping, and very good. One complaint was that they were not baked completely through so there were some spots which were raw dough. That was the case last time as well so it might be intentional (lots of people enjoy cookie dough ice-cream). It certainly would not put me off as the topping really permeates the bun. I would suggest going on a Saturday morning as the last time I went the buns were on a tray with tons of leftover syrup and the staff was more than happy to dollop the extra topping on my buns. (no pun intented).

            The buns come with or w/out raisins. I would give the cupcakes a pass. At 2.75 a pop they are a rip off. IMHO

            1. re: mashie

              That seems to be the standard price for a cupcake... I think they are $3 at Cocoa Locale

              1. re: reelection

                I guess I don`t really get the cupcake thing. Maybe if it was made with some really fine chocolate. These tasted more like betty crocker cake mix.

            2. re: mashie

              Saskatoon berries, oh how I miss them! I am from Regina and used to pick them very often. I have been told that Service berries are the same thing? Also that they are available at Jean Talon Market in the summer. I had forgotten about cinnamon buns....mmmm, now I must go on a hunt from some.

            3. If you're ever in the Laurentian town of St. Agathe, there's a certain Boulangerie Boivin that used to make absolutely heavenly specimens. Hope this link works:

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                Boivin made great cinnamon buns, I should add here. Don't know if they do cupcakes. But they used to sell four generous cinnamon-raisin buns in a plastic bag, definitely ooey-gooey great. With white glaze icing on top.