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May 23, 2011 08:12 AM

NYC to Milan - Looking for great pizza, gelato, pasta with some veg options and others!

Hello! I'll be in Milan for three days in July with my husband. We are in our early-30s and from NYC.

I'm looking for an excellent Neapolitan Pizza place for lunch - preferably near Milan City Center. I'm a big fan of a paper thin and charred crust. Ambiance does not matter - but don't want to wait in line forever during lunch.

Also looking for fantastic sandwich places for a quick lunch. A great caprese or fantastic bread would be perfect.

Any must-try gelato in Milan - near Duomo?

Lastly we are looking for two dinner recommendations. The criteria is below - with the most important listed first. Any price is fine. We prefer "upscale" or fancy dining places for dinner.

Outstanding Italian food
Near Milan City center (20 minute walking distance)
Vegetarian Friendly
Great Ambiance - Romantic or Trendy

Can you suggest some places I should look into? I don't know if it needs to be said - but, we LOVE pasta. Our favorite Italian in NYC is Del Posto and Babbo.

Thanks so much in advance!

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  1. As you may already know, Milano is not famous for pasta, nor is that region. Do you like risotto? And Neopolitian pizza is not necessarily thin and charred. Roman pizza may be more your style - and both might be less than optimal in Milano near the city center, but maybe some Milanese residents will stop by to post and point the way. (Caprese salads are more southern than northern too.)

    In the meantime, vegetarians can be extremely happy at lunchtime at Vecchia Latteria (on via dell'Unione, 6), just a stone's throw from the Duomo and Cracco Peck.

    For a quick lunch, many people love Princi, which has many storefronts. I was less than wowed, but I don't like panini or sandwiches in general.

    For a romantic ambience, I like Hostaria Borromei, at via Borromei 4, for its outdoor seating under a wisteria arbor, but in July, you might want to head elsewhere for air conditioning

    I have heard

    Largo La Foppa, Milan, Lombardia 20121, IT

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    1. re: barberinibee

      Barberinibee, thanks for the response!

      I think I'm from the school that Milan may not be famous for its pasta - but I'm coming to Italy - and I'm looking for great pasta.

      Caprese - sorry thats my NY showing through. We put caprese (mozz, basil and tomato) on a panini and call it lunch. I'm not a big fan of salad! :)

      I will certainly look at Vecchie Latteria

      Princi looks perfect and I will put it on our map.

      Hostaria also looks lovely - we are traveling during the first week of July so maybe we will luck out on the weather.

      thanks again!

    2. Searching this board will likely set you on the right path but for pizza, Sibilla is your best bet. Here's a few other choices for pizza. (though I think I've posted this link before)

      For sandwiches, head to De Santis. Here's another link you might want to explore. You may see "Panino Giusto" in your adventures around town as it is a small chain. For me, however, it's "Panino non é Giusto." Even though the menu might seem alluring the reality is underwhelming.

      For pasta, barberinibee is right, though of course, you'll find it whereever you go. I like Osteria Dei Poeti. It's more of a neighborhood, homestyle, type of place. I can't promise you the best meal you've ever had but it is in the center of Milan and they make their own pasta. The price is right, too.

      Just an editorial aside: the only thing worse than Milan in July is Milan in August, but I sincerely hope you enjoy your trip.

      De Santis
      9 Corso Magenta, Milan, Lombardia 20123, IT

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      1. re: badwaiter

        @ barberinibee
        Which "region" were you referring to when you said it is not famous for pasta?

        1. re: badwaiter

          Thanks for your response! Yes, I have seen Sibilla written up a few times and it looks like its a winner for pizza. Do you know if this is the same owners as the Sibilla in Naples?

          De Santis also looks great for a quick lunchtime sandwich - we will check that out.

          I will look into Osteria Dei Poeti's menu. thanks for the suggestions.

          1. re: chloes

            Im planning my own very brief visit to Milan in July so the answers to your questions are of interest. to me too

            Dont know of a Sibilla pizzeria in Napoli, maybe you mean Sorbillo? ditto the comment re neapolitian pizza , I would never describe it as cracker like - it has a very nicely raised crust with a "definite high "corniche" around the rim. It is heaven when well made.

            While MIlan has its own lombardy regional and local cuisine, There seem to be a lot of italians from other regions, particularly Campania and the South, who have migrate there for opportunity, so this means that you have an opportunity to try different italian cuisines. Its not like NY where Italian food is a bit of a muddle; - in Italy the majority of restaurants serve their local regional dishes to a primarily local audience, sometimes with some creativity or with dishes that have become national favorites added to the menu. When you get to the level of internationally recognized places, of course that changes and foreign ideas and dishes and techniques come in. .

            Anyway, the pasta specialties of the region tend to be mainly the tender, thin handrolled handmade type that one finds in northern Italy, rather than the industrial macaroni type.. I ran a search in our still lightly populated Milan Restaurant database, a few of the restaurants that have pasta specialties.. They seem to be a diverse perhaps random group, maybe it will generate some discussion. A few, Dongio, Emilia e Carlo are on my own list for consideration.

            Emilia e Carlo
            Via Giuseppe Sacchi, 8, Milan, Lombardia , IT

            Via Bernardino Corio, 3, Milan, Lombardia , IT

            1. re: jen kalb


              With all due respect , that is a very poor generalization. From tortelli di zucca to bigoli con le sarde to marubini and everything in between, somehow for the last 37 years, I always thought that pasta in Lombardia was outstanding, in many cases ethereal. Whether it is/was at Miramonti in Concessio, Ceresole in Cremona and particularly Ambasciatta, from Mantova to Maggiore to Brescia, we’ve had wonderful paste, over and over and over again.

              What you said reminds me of the complaint I hear a lot... " Tuscan bread is terrible." Which Tuscan bread? The saltless Tuscan bread that should be used to "mop up" the generally salty Tuscan food, but that most tourists eat on its own, or the 100 different kinds of excellent Tuscan bread that I can get within 50 km. of my home? Poor generalizations can be dangerous to ones enjoyment of food :)

              1. re: allende

                This reminds me that I am looking for recommendations for my own trip. I will be staying in Gardone Riviera (husband's meeting) for almost two weeks, but I am hoping to peel off and take a couple of day trips (no car so places I can get to by train /bus ) for eating and cultural touring. Cremona is at the top of my list. I will start another thread to address

                1. re: jen kalb

                  Cremona was meant as an example, in the past. Ceresole is no longer there. Severio died and Rino and Lucia moved back to Barile.

                  1. re: allende

                    Thanks - I wondered - I looked it up and couldnt find any current relevant info. I will nevertheless post in hopes that there are use useful suggestions.

                2. re: allende


                  Great! I'm sure the OP would appreciate some recs as to where to sample any of this great pasta in Milan.

                3. re: jen kalb

                  Thanks Jen. Sorbillo is what I was trying to remember. Thanks for clearing that up for me.

                  I totally agree and wouldn't dare describe the pizza as as cracker like.

                  Interesting observation re: muddled NYC Italian. I look forward to tasting some local Milanese cuisine.

                  I will look into the pasta restaurants that you recommend - I appreciate it. Have a great trip.

                  Via dei Tribunali, 32, Naples, Campania , IT