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May 23, 2011 07:22 AM

Can I freeze fried chickens?

Is there any way I can make fried chicken up to the point of frying, you know, marinate, coat in flour/crumb and freeze them raw, then take out when I need and fry them. I have made nuggets before but I am not sure about bone-in chickens. Any suggestion? BTW, I don't have a fryer so, I need to pan-fry them.

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  1. I would definitely hesitate to do this, for two reasons: Every year local fire departments put out PSAs warning people not to try to deep-fry their Thanksgiving turkeys if they're still frozen in the center -- if you've ever seen a video of it or watched the episode of Mythbusters where they do this, you'll know why.

    Secondly, even if you don't end up with a grease fire from dropping frozen food into hot oil, by the time the center of the chicken gets cooked, the outside will surely be a charred mess -- it takes, what, 20 minutes plus to fry chicken from fresh, and even then the outside can get over-browned if you're not careful. How long would it take to get it thoroughly cooked from frozen?

    1. If I were to do this I would prepare the chicken completely, then freeze the fried chicken and just reheat when you need it (a la the fried chicken in a TV dinner). If you work with relatively small pieces of chicken you should be able to reheat it in the oven from frozen without too much trouble. I agree with Laura about the method you suggested though - there's just no way it will get thoroughly cooked before the coating blackens.

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        Absolutely yes on biodanonima's answer. Prep. that chicken fully, cool it completely, wrap it well, and then bake it at about 400 for about 45 minutes. And honestly, I'm just telling you the cooking directions as I recall them from a box of Banquet (already-) Fried Chicken that I bought just to check it out. Bad move. I'm sure yours will be a whole lot more delicious.

      2. thanks everyone. It was a huge help. Otherwise I would've set the kitchen on fire. :p