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May 23, 2011 07:21 AM

Litchfields at the Wigwam.

Anyone been to Litchfields at the Wigwam? Is it kid friendly at all?

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  1. Have been a couple of times, was holding off on a review as they are still working things out...

    Good farm to table food, although kind of conservative with flavors. Large portions, good bar.

    Went once with our kids and they enjoyed it, although the pace of the meal was a little slow for them.

    You can check out the menus here

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    1. re: Desertdoc

      Thank you for the link. Looks interesting, and glad to some local wines on the list, instead of all of the "usual suspects."

      Hope to enjoy soon!


    2. Did Litchfield's replace the AZ Kitchen?

      We have a stay (from a charity silent auction), but could not use it for a recent event, due to wife's schedule. We had hoped to try the new options there, so I am reading with interest.

      Probably going to do a golf weekend in the Summer, and will try everything then.