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May 23, 2011 07:07 AM

Texas French Bread for dinner?

Just saw a groupon for TFB. Anyone been there for dinner?

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  1. I have. It was excellent. Service was a little off, but to be fair, they were slammed that evening (it was the last night before their last Groupon expired).

    Word to the wise: if you get the Groupon, go right away. They had a 2+ hour wait the last few days before the that Groupon expired.

    1. i plan to get this groupon.
      i've been getting their newsletter and have been drooling over the specials for months now.
      it's a part of town i just never go to, and i work odd hours so that was another obstacle.
      but, i have some staycation time coming up so it's perfect timing.

      1. i've purchases a groupon every time they've had the deal going and was happy with my experiences. However, plan to have a long dinner as service is a bit slow. The food is simply prepared to really highlight the fresh, local ingredients.

        the menu changes daily, but so far, i've enjoyed the butterscotch budino, the mussels, redfish, and hanger steak. the fries and garlic aoili are great, too. the sardines and smelts look awesome, but i haven't made it to dinner when those are special. corkage fee is only 6 bucks and they gave us free pastries on a couple of occasions!

        I've never had to wait for a table, but i usually make it a point to go on a weekday. they send out a newsletter and are usually pretty good at keeping folks in the loop about upcoming and expiring groupons

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          That butterscotch budino is awesome.

        2. This is practically my favorite restaurant in town!! Everything here is so good. The squash blossoms are a must have, they always taste perfect. Pretty much any home made pasta dish is a safe bet, as they are always good and freshly made. They also make this amazing roast chicken, that has such a crispy bottom, I compared it to eating ambrosia. Their salads are good to. Just get whatever looks good on the menu, and you should be happy. And I agree with the others that the butterscotch budino is the way to end it.

          Texas French Bread
          2900 Rio Grande St, Austin, TX 78705

          1. dammit, i forgot to buy the groupon.
            hope they do another deal in the not too distant future.

            the squash blossoms look/sound great.
            i've seen pics in the email newsletter.
            it's not a dish you see everywhere, and remind me of my dad's.

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            1. re: dinaofdoom

              Went for dinner for first time tonight. Several highs and a few lows as well. The restaurant was full and virtually every table had byob'd a bottle of wine. Alas, I forgot but next time for sure. Very warm greeting, waited maybe three minutes then seated. Water glasses filled and menus presented. A minute later a plate with a few pieces of French bread and ramekin with literally a teaspoon of olive oil. So far so good, really pleasant. Five minutes pass, water glasses quickly sipped, another five minutes, water glasses near empty as is the olive oil. Another five minutes and trying our best to make eye contact with any of the wait staff. Nope. Finally about twenty minutes after being seated our water is refilled and our request for more olive oil is quickly delivered....with another teaspoon of oil. Now really, why? A few minutes later our order is cheerfully taken ( about 25 minutes after being seated). I was amused more than distraught when our waiter wrinkled her face at my order of the baby octopus. Her comment "it's scary....but my boss really is fond of the dish".

              Glancing around the room I noted how great it looked at night and how very different than mornings and lunch when I've frequented the bakery/cafe on numerous occasions. People seemed to be really enjoying themselves. Nice music selections as well.

              After about another 25-30 minutes our dinner is served. (no attempt to pace the meal by bringing my wife's melon soup out as a first course). Well the food itself was very good. I was happy with the baby octopus entree with white beans, greens and red peppers. Wife very happy with the melon soup and her homemade ravioli. Daughter very happy with her steak frites. Lemon chess pie got high marks, and the famous chocolate cake while perfectly ok, was really lacking in depth of flavor.

              Overall the meal was very good and the menu references to a number of Austin area farms was a nice touch. Service while super friendly was simply off the mark. Not only in basics restaurant 101 such as keeping water glasses reasonably re-filled, but also in lack of offering any other beverage choices ( iced tea, sparkling water....) while taking our order, not coursing a soup to come out first, and general lack of attention during two pretty long stretches of time.

              So, in summary, I'd return again. Next time with a couple bottles of vino which will make the pace so much easier to enjoy.

              1. re: boshtx

                boshtx, just FYI - the convenience store across from TFB has a pretty decent wine selection, just for such occasions!

                1. re: boshtx

                  One weird thing they do there, or did the last time we went, is give you a complimentary loaf at the end of the meal. No real explanation why, just here's your credit card and oh, here's a sourdough loaf. It's a nice touch and their bread is pretty good but it's somewhat surreal at the end of a romantic, candlelit dinner....

                  1. re: ghastlyfop

                    They must have had leftover bread or something, because in the many times I have been there, that has never happened.