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May 23, 2011 06:38 AM

Ancient Grains Cereal by Les Plats du Chef...

I am in love with this cereal and I am having a truly arduous time trying to find it! My last box I bought at Costco and I now can't find it there anymore. Does anyone know where else I might be able to purchase it? Oatmeal can't even hold a candle to this breakfast gem! I eat this every morning and I have lost 13 pounds because I am not hungry all morning (even after a hard workout) and don't snack. It tastes amazing, one would never know that it is a very high fibre cereal... Please Help!



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  1. Ancient Grains has long been one of my favorite cold cereals as well. It seems to disappear every now and then, but pops up eventually. Lately, I've been picking it up at my local Loblaws in Bayview Village, at Bayview Ave. and Sheppard Ave., and occasionally at my local No Frills, on Avenue Rd. between Lawrence Ave. and Wilson Ave. Surely it's available nowadays at your nearby versions of those chains. Note: it's often not stocked in the displays with other popular cold cereals. I've sometimes found it with the specialty cereals in the health food section of the supermarkets, though it's not what I'd call a specialty item. It's just a nutritious, palatable cold cereal but, inexplicably, not a mass-market favorite like corn flakes or shredded wheat.

    1. I will definitely have to try this produt. I wonder how this tastes vs. Heritage Grains by Nature's path. I wouldn't completely "diss" oatmeal, not sure what brand you eat, but McCann's Steel cut oatmel prepared with water has less caolries, sugar and sodium than Ancient Grains Cereal.