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May 23, 2011 05:53 AM

Where can I buy canned green chilis

Where can I buy canned green chilis in a can larger than 4 ounces?

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  1. Goya has pickled jalapenos in a 11oz can. Best bets would be Market Basket or other stores with a big stock of Goya products, like Brazilian/Salvadorean markets.

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      I don't want jalepenos . I want large milder ones like a poblano to make a kind of chili relleno type of thing

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        MB usually has fresh poblanos. I can't recall seeing canned ones though. Mexgrocer has some though: http://www.mexgrocer.com/catagories-c...

    2. Unfortunately, I've never seen big cans of green chile here. The Latin stores don't carry them because they're mostly Central American-owned and green chile is primarily New Mexican.

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        Thank you. I'll look into mexgrocer. I'm sure Hi Lo would have had them but , alas.
        I tried a mexican grocer in Roslindale Sq and also in Marlboro but they had five different brands of Jalapenos in various size cans and nothing else.
        I may have to break down and buy fresh poblanos roast them and make real chili rellenos

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          No, Hi-Lo never had them. Believe me, I looked!

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            Hi-Lo definitely had them, I bought them for years. Can't remember the brand but you can see it around. Fire roasted chiles in the big can (28oz?). Have seen the same brand in #10 cans at Restaurant Depot. Maybe try La Internacional in Union Sq?

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              Thank you everyone who responded. I try some of your suggestions but in the end I'll probably have to go with the fresh chilis and roast them myself

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                Stop and Shop also carries small cans of whole poblanos. I know this, as I have a recipe which uses the chopped, and my non-label reading wife bought the whole once. If I remember correctly there were 2-3 peppers in the can. May not be optimum, but certainly quicker and easier than roasting them yourself.

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                  Thank you but I am trying to find larger cans so I don't have to by 7 small cans

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                  Remembered the brand - Evamex.

                  Good piece on seriouseats on making chile verde without Hatch chiles. http://www.seriouseats.com/2011/01/ho... Poblanos, cubanelles and jalapenos was the esteemed author's suggestion.

        2. El Chavo in Roslindale might carry them. I'd definitely give them a call first, though.

          1. I thought i saw canned Hatch Green Chiles at Whole foods.

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              You can definitely get Hatch chiles at WF (and even at the Star or Stop and Shop). But you typically have to buy the little teeny tins. I think the OP is looking for bulk.

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                El Chavo does not have them and I can buy them at stores like Stop & Shop but they only sell them in 4 oz cans. I would like to find them in 12 - 28 oz cans. I'm sure that Hatch sells them in 28 oz cans but I would probably only find them in the Southwest

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                  The Hatch situation in the East is not good. Back in Denver Hatch is everywhere, and not ridiculously overpriced like it is at Whole Foods. I feel your pain.

            2. Hannafords has 7oz. cans. of Old El Paso chopped green chilis.

              El Paso
              15 Norwood St, Everett, MA 02149