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May 23, 2011 01:32 AM

Kelp Concentrate Extract

Has anyone heard of this product? I found it in a Japanese grocery store. Never heard of it and it was relatively expensive so I had to try it. Very savory, pretty much definition of umami. But the bottle is a liter and I'm trying to figure out what to do with it other than add it to soups and dipping sauces.

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  1. Kelp is one of the finest sources of iodine of which there is such a deficiency in our food supply that it it has been a salt additive for years. It is essential to metabolism and one of the primary reasons for obesity. Kelp concentrate can be used in anything from salad dressing to flavoring rice and oriental desserts (particularly ones with coconut) being mindful of the dilution.
    It can be taken medicinally for the iodine value with coconut milk.

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      Kelp and sea veggies in general are powerhouses of nutrients, for sure. I've been eating one sheet of nori each day for a while now...I believe they also provide magnesium which many of us don't get enough of each day.

      Autroredial, I think you could also add it to broths or soups...when I make Korean-style broth, it calls for putting kelp in with the shiitakes and onions and garlic, killer-good and delicious!

    2. This would certainly be good in salad dressing. Start by adding just a little, then increase the amount until you are pleased with the results.

      1. Thanks for all the ideas. I kind of understand how this ingredient can be used in my cooking. Didn't realize how nutritious it is. Good stuff. Tried it in soup as a test and it definitely adds depth and savory tastes.

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          Next you should come up with a cocktail using it. ;-)