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May 22, 2011 09:40 PM

NORTH Myrtle Beach mini report

Miles and miles of restaurants -- don't remember seeing so many places in my entire life! Six days and it didn't feel like there was even one that was actually good. "OK" is the best I can manage to say.

Cheasapeake House didn't serve Chesapeake style seafood. His dish was good, mine was dismal. Chuck's Steak House was disappointing for me -- I've had better beef from the supermarket and their salad bar was dismal.

To be fair, we didn't realize it was bike week and the possibilities of good places at Murrell's Inlet faded when we realized that it was biker central.

Crossing my fingers that there is a next time!

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  1. Well, as I always say, the best food in Myrtle Beach isn't in Myrtle Beach. ;)

    Next time, try heading north to Calabash, NC. Ella's, Dockside, Becks, or the Seafood Hut will fill your belly with loads of fresh seafood.

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      Thank you, and believe me, I tried but he was NOT going to drive that far for dinner. He doesn't quite get it (yet).