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May 22, 2011 08:21 PM

Montreal to Maine (Boothbay Harbor)...anything to eat?

im going to be driving from Montreal to Maine on Thursday and it looks like a desolate wasteland. is there anything i should or could be eating on the way?

looking to drive on 10 east to 55 south into new hampshire and into NH 26 - Maine 26...

any ideas?

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  1. I am bumping this thread as I will be travelling from Montreal to Boothbay next month and I'd love a recommendation or two.

    1. I too would love to know more about this. Will be driving from Montreal to Maine on August 14.

      For now our plan is to grab some tasty sandwiches and baked goods from Premiere Moisson before we head out and eat those at any scenic rest stops we encounter along the way.

      Premiere Moisson
      3025 Rue Saint-Ambroise, Montreal, QC H3J, CA

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        My first suggestion is that you check out the Northern New England board firstly they know their local dining options and secondly you probably want to indulge in what they do well locally. Premiere Moisson is very good but truthfully I do better here in Stanstead on both sides of the border. When in MOntreal the only Premiere Moissons I would consider are at Atwater and Jean Talon Markets but I seldom do Moisson because the competition is just so much better. You would do well to stop at the Marche vegetarian in Magog which is amazing and has an incredible selection of cheese and deli and the bread here is as good as anywhere on the planet. You might also consider stopping at Thai Foo an Oriental supermarket just after the Champlain bridge on Taschereau boul just behind the Panama Bus Depot. They have a wonderful selection of Bar B Que, Vietnamese sandwiches, snacks and ice cream. It is a compulsory stop on the way in and out of Montreal as there are people waiting for us on both sides of the bridge.
        I will not take you away more than a couple of minutes from the highway unless you want to reply and ask gems away from the highway. Magog is a must see downtown Magog in the summer is like Place Jacques Cartier only busier with better restaurants but you may not want to wait the three or four light changes at each intersection to get through downtown Marche Vegetarien is just before the downtown.
        When you are 15k down 55 you will come to the Ayers Cliff exit if you drive into Ayers Cliff to Wood's Diner you might want to order the poutine which my 30 year old foodie nephew assures me is the best poutine he ever ate.
        The next exit is the first Stanstead exit which has our IGA which has a large selection of local produce, cheeses and will probably have the first cider from Heath Orchards. Do not go inside because you are not going to find anything comparable in terms of help and service in Montreal with the possible exception of the Metro under the Rockland overpass. Our local bakeriy La Feuillantine on Dufferine is Stanstead scale Mamie Clafoutis and serves excellent coffee the one thing that is hard to come by here is a good strong cup of coffee. They are closed Monday and Tuesday. We have a new regional fine food store corner of Dufferin and Notre Dame just opened so have not been in it. We have for good restaurants in town and if you are a fan of great crepe or rabbit I would suggest a visit to the Tomifobia restaurant some evening the Lady Banting Restaurant does excellent local meats, fish and produce on an international level.
        The is an excellent Thai restaurant in downtown Newport and the Eastside and the the Natural Foods store are great. I trust you will go to the Northern New England board for the rest of your trip but I can assure you if you do you will eat very well untill you get to your destination. If you can stop off at King Arthur flour in Norwich Vermont and Hanover New Hampshire the home of Dartmouth and much fine food, do!

        Premiere Moisson
        3025 Rue Saint-Ambroise, Montreal, QC H3J, CA

        Mamie Clafoutis
        1291 Avenue Van Horne, Outremont, QC , CA

      2. How far into your trip do you want to stop. The food culture here on the Quebec/Vermont border is alive and kicking and having left downtown Montreal to live here a year ago I can report that this part of your desert has food that is generally as good or better than what you get in Montreal.
        Tell me what you want and I will try to tell you where to get it.
        There is a Northern New England board that you might find of interest. Sometimes the chauvinism makes me embarrassed to be a Montrealer. I have lived all over North America and other than places like the Jean Talon market and Akhavan Montreal is not an exceptional city regardless of having some fine restaurants. If you stopped in Ayer's Cliff or Stanstead and had poutine at Wood's or Papa's you might discover Montreal's limitations. Manoir Hovey in North Hatley may be Quebec's finest restaurant. The food in Vermont is more than acceptable and New Hampshire can produce some surprisingly good food especially where people know fresh and local is the best. St Johnsbury has a number of restaurants that would serve Montreal well and the culinary institutes near the New Hamphire Vermont border are excellent. Hanover NH the home of Dartmouth has awesome food. MacDonald's of course is MacDonald's.

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        1. re: Moedelestrie

          Woods is very average hot dog and burger stand.....

          1. re: kpaxonite

            Yours being the first negative response I have heard about Woods I will respond from my own personal experience. Woods make very good fries, on a par with Romados in Montreal and Papas here in Stanstead my personal Quebec favourite is Wittsend a slight notch above located in Hemingford Quebec the best to my taste here in Quebec or anywhere else for that matter.
            I stopped eating hot dogs anywhere but at home when Best Kosher closed and my weekly trips to their outlet store on Pershing in Chicago came to an end. Unless you have experienced a Best Kosher hot Polish with sports peppers raw onions and mustard you cannot understand how difficult it is to even contemplate ordering a hot dog. Living here in Stanstead I can get Hebrew National and Nathans and take them home and prepare them properly but as the song says "how can you keep them down on the farm after they've seen Paris" they are not Best Kosher Hot Polish. Hamburgers are another thing that is difficult to eat out, I am over 60 so I might have hamburger once or twice a month. I take some lean high quality meat at least I tell my doctor it is lean, I chop it up mix in some raw egg yolk some finely chopped onion or garlic (well maybe a little more than some) some chopped capers or anchovies and that sir is a hamburger.
            I have had some excellent hotdogs in Montreal, first you go to Slovenia or if you are very mobile to boucherie Viau on Covey Hill road near Hemingford, or to Ziggy's in Lacolle and you buy the sausage and you get yourself some good hotdog buns I prefer to bake my own you take them home and steam or boil the hotdogs and then grill them if you like and then you build a hot dog.
            What I am same is that to believe there is something other than an average hotdog and burger stand in Quebec is just wrong, yes some are more average than others. woods has been there forever and its clientèle is very loyal because Woods serves what their customers like. I I delighted to recommend Woods because most people or at least the people I know think the food is very good.
            Please pardon this old foggie who earliest childhood recollections are of being in a stroller at the Jean Talon Market and of mixing up the hamburger and getting to lick out the bowl.
            PS Not a good idea to order rare or raw meat at ANY hotdog or burger stand. Sadly my wife will not eat raw meat and I must destroy her burger with heat.

          2. re: Moedelestrie

            Since it's a long drive to Boothbay - we are likely to leave early - likely taking the same route as the OP - so we probably would want to stop for an early lunch - thtat could put us near the border or just beyond. Our only constraint (also joy) is our toddler. We don't want anything too fancy but good eats. We need to keep on moving to get to Boothbay before dark.

            Although now that you have pointed out that King Arthurs is in the area - I may suggest a different route to Boothbay.