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May 22, 2011 07:07 PM

Taiwanese restaurants in Vancouver?

Hello! I will be in Vancouver at the beginning of July and am hoping to visit some restaurants with good Taiwanese food. Not sure where we will be staying yet, but will be driving from Calgary so distance is not an issue.

I did do a search before posting but only found some old posts about beef noodle soup and a grocery store (?) in Richmond called Kuo Hua Trading in Richmond. My apologies if this has been discussed recently! I would appreciate a link to the post (since I couldn't find it)

Night-market-type street food, food court, hole-in-the-wall or restaurant food would all be very exciting!

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Pearl Castle in Richmond, Beefy Beef Noodle on Main/15th come to mind.

    There is a little tea place called Adonia in Kerrisdale which serves traditional British tea, sandwiches etc., but also happens to serve fantastic Taiwanese food (special menu, possibly only in chinse)

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      Kalvin's on Victoria is small but good and has some Sichuan and Shanghainese options as well (do get reservations though).

      I was at Kuo Hua today and it is a tonne of fun to explore for Taiwanese delicacies of all kinds. It is indeed a grocery store on No 3 Road in Richmond just north of Leslie.

      I keep hearing good things about Corner 23 on Cambie Street in Vancouver. First it was the salty peppery chicken and now the pork hock. Must go soon to see for myself but seems to be a good option.

      I have a Taiwanese friend who really loves the Taiwanese beef noodle soup at Master Hung's in Aberdeen mall. I thought it was pretty tasty but no expert here. It is also rather a nicer restaurant decor-wise than the others mentioned are.

      There is a newish Taiwanese stand in Richmond Public Market on the west side almost at the south end. Only had a taste of their Taiwanese sausage but might be worth a look for food court fare.

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        Corner 23 has become, in the past couple of months, my "go-to" Taiwanese cafe. Not everything is good, but majority passes. Salty peppery chicken, red fermented pork chop, the house special pork hock -- these are better than average.

        Aside from Kalvin's, the other Taiwanese restaurant one can go to is Delicious Cuisine in Richmond. Three-cup chicken, tea-smoked duck and something called "spicy small stir-fry" is worth a try. A family favourite is prawns with pineapple and mayonnaise sauce but Kalvin's does that dish better, I think. Delicious Cuisine is part of a trifecta: it shares space with a Taiwanese cafe, Zephyr in the Sky (which we went to tonight and seems to have promise), which in turn has a space-sharer itself called Tri-Pot ("lu wei" concept a la night market style). . .hold on, was that English I just wrote? Anyways, you get the gist.

        For Taiwanese beef noodles, alas -- I have gone beef noodle-less for a couple of years in Vancouver now because none seem to satisfy. Still looking for an excellent bowl. . .

    2. I'm taking the lazy route and giving you links of local food blogs that have reviewed Taiwanese (or Taiwan style) restos:

      The highest concentration is probably in Richmond, as well as in Kerrisdale (Vancouver neighborhood), Marpole (Vancouver neighbourhood), and SE Burnaby.

      All the best !

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      1. re: LotusRapper

        Oh yah -- Kerrisdale has Cabin 5555! Check that out as well -- its pretty highly regarded by my taiwanese friends.

        1. re: brokentelephone

          I love you all! Thank you so much for the suggestions!

          I`m hoping to find good hand-made noodles & dumplings. Maybe even oyster omelette or oyster vermicelli soup!

          So excited =)

          1. re: aonyx

            Cabin 555 iirc is affiliated to Kalvin on Victoria Dr. The food is very much hit and miss, with more misses. I'd prefer Corner 23
            There is also Fu Yuan in the Richmond Public Market. They use to serve more Fujianese food, but the demand was low, so has started to offer more offerings that more people could relate to. They have the hor-chien(oyster omelette) and Fuzhou fish balls and dumplings that you seek.
            I don't mind Delicious but find it inconsistent, had a couple of good meal and a couple terrible meals, ditto Zephyr. I like Dinesty in Richmond as well. Not outstanding but a bit more consistent food -wise but not much service.

      2. Kalvin & Beefy Beef are really good. My all time favorite is the Spicy Pork Intestine & Blood Stew, it's awesome!

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          I went to Kalvin's last weekend, for the first time, after reading all the recent blog reviews (and missing that chowdown due to a schedule conflict). Kalvin's is v. good, but I don't recommend the small steamed soup buns (xiao long bao). Reservation is definitely needed, and it's a small space to begin with.

        2. My trip to Vancouver has been cancelled =(

          I do hope to visit all (yes all!) these places at some point though. Thanks for all the suggestions!